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a person or animal that is adopted by a team or other group as a symbolic figure

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The Mascot Miracles Foundation works to serve children suffering from severe illnesses by brightening their day with a visit from a mascot they will recognize.
And on social media it was branded "the most terrifying mascot ever", "the scariest thing you will ever see" and "Lisa Simpson on crystal meth".
The basic requirements for the entries were: correspondence between the mascot and the exhibition theme, "Energy of the Future," transmission of the national colours of the host country, Kazakhstan, and the possibility of further integration into the EXPO 2017 brand.
The school chose the Arab as its mascot in the 1920s, in part to recognize the importance of the date industry and mesh with the names of the neighboring desert towns Mecca, Oasis and Arabia.
The state Board of Education adopted a rule in 2012 prohibiting the use of Native American mascots by public schools, and gave schools calling their teams the Redskins, Savages, Indians, Indianettes, Chiefs, Chieftains or Braves until 2017 to make a change.
Cyber security, fraud and protecting the tax-exempt status for credit unions are all issues important to readers of Credit Union Times; but apparently, so are cuddly credit union mascots.
It's just a matter of whether we have a change in the caricature of the mascot.
Students learn everything from how to do different walking styles to special mascot dance routines, and at the end of each class they put on performances to be judged by their fellow classmates.
He and mascots from more than 20 soccer clubs will take part in the sprint tomorrow to raise funds for Prostate Cancer UK through its charity partnership with The Football League.
In selecting a new mascot, schools need to adhere to more than just the "laws of huggability" (Egan, 2002, para.
YOUNG speedway fans are being given the chance to be mascots for the Selco Birmingham Brummies for the first time.
Tony the Tiger is an advertising mascot for Kellogg's cereal, Frosties, otherwise known as Frosted Flakes.
A French chromed cockerel, by H Briand also made pounds 90, while an Alvis hare mascot stamped AEL achieved pounds 170 and an Isle of Man TT mercury mascot on a radiator cap made the same price.
Wales YFC mascots Tiff and Taff at the 2007 mascot race
And YOU could help name the kingdom's mighty mascot who will soon become a celebrity across the world when the Formula One bandwagon rolls into town in April.