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soft mild Italian cream cheese

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INGREDIENTS: 2 tbsp whole milk, 1 tbsp matcha powder, plus a little extra for dusting, 1 tbsp vanilla essence, or seeds from 1 vanilla pod, 500g mascarpone, at room temperature, 75g creme fraiche, 100g caster sugar, tiny pinch of salt.
4 Meanwhile, gently heat the mascarpone cheese and sugar together.
Separately, combine the mascarpone with the orange zest and cinnamon and beat until smooth, then set aside.
Project Manager Shane van den Hurk says it is a different to the mascarpone most Kiwis will be familiar with.
For her crispy fritters of sitaw, sayote and kamote seasoned with parmesan cheese, she pairs it with Balut Adobo Dip that has a heady aftertaste with a hint of paprika, mascarpone and chilli.
Do not whisk or the mascarpone will be too soft and not hold its shape on the cake.
Do not whisk the mascarpone will be too soft and not hold its shape on the cake.
Cover with half the mascarpone mixture, then sprinkle with the chocolate or dust with cocoa powder.
SERVES 8-10 20 minutes prep time; 2 hours refrigeration time INGREDIENTS 6 egg yolks 140g demerara sugar 500g mascarpone cheese 250g ladyfinger biscuits or 30-40 Savoiardi 300ml strong espresso coffee, lukewarm 2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
Place johnnycakes on plates, add some of the Roasted Tomato Vinaigrette on top and then top with a generous heap of the Tomato Mascarpone.
INGREDIENTS (Serves 6) 250g Christmas pudding, crumbled 250g tub mascarpone 2tbsp Baileys 4 sheets filo pastry 25g melted butter Icing sugar, for dusting Cream or custard, to serve Heat the oven to 200C.
Add a layer of the mascarpone mixture to cover the cherries.
1Instead of choosing custard or double cream to have with hot desserts such as chocolate fondant or sticky toffee pudding, try using a spoonful of mascarpone instead to add creaminess.
For syrup: 80ml/3floz water; 1tbsp caster sugar; 12 black cherries, stones removed, flesh chopped; 2tsp caster sugar METHOD:For the mousse, mix mascarpone, cocoa powder and icing sugar together in a large bowl until the mixture is smooth and well combined.
The ice cream is mascarpone based with fudge and is with covered cannoli pieces, in addition to a mascarpone swirl.