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Synonyms for marvellous

Synonyms for marvellous

being or having the character of a miracle

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too improbable to admit of belief

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The quest for primal clarity, therefore, is not about redirecting the history of metaphysical thought; on the contrary, it is about targeting our mental blindness towards the marvelousness that emanates from the darkly mysterious partnership of nothingness and Dao.
England, for all of its marvelousness, can sometimes be a culture of complaint--it might have something to do with the weather.
Both are called the mystery (xuan); mystery upon mystery is the gateway to all marvelousness.
Of Asturo Riley's book (which Campion reviewed in Poetry as well, in comparison to Hoagland's), Campion uses words like "astonishing" and "marvel," offering as his primary support that marvelousness has to do with music.
One list included the following (4): Amativeness Philoprogenitiveness Inhabitiveness Adhesiveness Combativeness Destructiveness Secretiveness Acquisitiveness Constructiveness Self-esteem Love of approbation Cautiousness Benevolence Veneration Firmness Conscientiousness Hope Marvelousness Ideality Gaiety or Mirthfulness Imitation Individuality Configuration Size Weight and Resistance Coloring Locality Calculation Order Eventuality Time Melody Language Comparison Causality
used by rulers to reinforce their power to the "scientific" meaning of marvelousness of structure and detail, as of an insect under a microscope.