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Synonyms for marvellous

Synonyms for marvellous

being or having the character of a miracle

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too improbable to admit of belief

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I have to say it would be worth the trip just for the cake, which was gooey, marshmellowy marvellousness.
A sense of the marvellousness of Mahy's writing informs all these essays, and is appropriately emphasized in Elizabeth Hale's introduction.
Looking back on a time in his childhood when he got lost in London, Dickens diverts the potential disturbance of the episode into his younger self's relish for the urban spectacle: 'I wandered about the City, like a child in a dream, staring at the British merchants, and inspired by a mighty faith in the marvellousness of everything'.
Despite Jameson's theory of revolutionary escapism, Tolkien's use of such, in the sense of his marvellousness, is to critics a factor that excludes him from the ability to be either subversive or radical.
Since we talked about the marvellousness of `Wintry Trees' by Li Cheng, I have subsequently done this for him.
The word "rapture" crops up in poems and reviews of poetry more and more often, and recently, it seems, the sense of the word has changed to connote something separate from its original meaning: to be carried away, if not transformed, is the goal of speakers in work by several contemporary poets: for some of these, rapture signifies an escape from the ordinary and implies an ecstacy derived from a turning from this world; for others it suggests a kind of Dickinsonian marvellousness within the ordinary.