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Synonyms for marvellous

Synonyms for marvellous

being or having the character of a miracle

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too improbable to admit of belief

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Later in the week, I joined the marvellous staff and volunteers at The Rotunda, in Great Mersey Street, to celebrate their achievements over the past year.
The wide variety of objects presented in the Marvellous Creatures exhibition--including manuscripts, textiles, ceramics, jewellery, glass, and metalwork--demonstrates the enduring appeal of these characters and stories across diverse cultures and generations, as well as the diversity of Islamic art through the centuries.
Helped by a host of celebrities and the voting public, we'll try to decide which of the great man's books really is the most marvellous.
Tis marvellous is stepping up markedly in class following his eight-length win in a Windsor maiden and carries the same former colours as reckless Abandon.
Illustrator Quentin Blake, whose images have come to be inextricably linked to the author's work in many readers' minds, also adds to the documentary with exclusive new drawings, which are animated to bring Dahl's marvellous world to vivid life.
When the 'something' Marvellous has been waiting for arrives, it is in the form of Francis Drake: a young soldier returning from war.
The marketing campaign for Marvellous Creations targets Egyptian Consumers through TV advertisements and street banners, websites and social media outlets, reaching EGP 35 m" she said.
I discovered a long-forgotten sledge in my garden shed and indulged in some marvellous sledging.
NOTHING gets me more excited than when I come across a new Marvellous Creation chocolate bar.
Marvellous is a compelling story, one which wastes little time on flowery introductions before transporting the reader back to 1980 and the build-up to the Wembley bout.
ROALD Dahl's comic masterpiece George's Marvellous Medicine comes to Venue Cymru next month.
Zone of the Marvellous is an erudite, informative, and intriguing book.
Summary: Fulham's marvellous season continued with a comfortable 3-2 home win over West Ham.
THEO WALCOTT rounded off a marvellous week by helping Arsenal to a comfortable victory at Ewood Park, with Emmanuel Adebayor this time the hat-trick hero.
If we win tomorrow it will definitely put us in a marvellous position," said Ferguson.