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sprawling annual or perennial herb of Central America and West Indies having creamy-white to red-purple bell-shaped flowers followed by unusual horned fruit

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The martynia is an old-time garden curiosity very much unrecognized for its culinary merits.
Officially, the plant's common name is martynia. Though it is sometimes referred to as the "unicorn plant," the nickname most often used is "devil's claw," particularly on the Gulf Coast and in the Southwest where the plant is endemic.
Spicy Pickled Martynia Pods Much like okra, martynia pods lend themselves well to pickling.
Native Seeds/SEARCH; Tucson, Ariz.; (sells martynia under P.
Organogenie florale des Martynia. Adansonia 3:341-348.
Martynia, Sesamen Martyniaceae, Trapellaceae) Podostemonaceae Podostemon Pontederiaceae Hydrothrix Proteaceae Conospermum, Protea (1), Synaphea (2), Placospermum (3) Rutaceae Cusparieae Sabiaceae Meliosma Solanaceae Salpiglossis, Schizanthus, Anthocercis Scrophulariaceae Bonnaya, Gratiola (1), Ixianthus (2), Digitalis (3), etc.
Gray seed Marantaceae Thaumatococcus daniellii seed (Benn.) Benth Martyniaceae Martynia annua L.