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brisk marching music suitable for troops marching in a military parade

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In a series of broadcasts interspersed with martial music, the army said it was taking over to "halt deteriorating conditions all over the country and for the sake and interest of the people." A diplomat said large numbers of people were in the streets in defiance of the curfew and the ban on gatherings.
As AEC Training College and Center is known for imparting training in Foreign Languages and Military Music, on 16 June, a band concert was organised showcasing the martial music skills of the trainees and instructors.
There were hundreds of accessories for sale, and others which were obtainable only by collecting tokens on the boxes; eg, a police dog, a record of suitably martial music and, tellingly, a stand.
Martial music filled the air as soldiers drawn from some of the finest military units marched with clockwork precision.
Mohandas Gandhi was always touched by "Abide By Me." My favorite is "Amazing Grace." For 35 minutes, martial music beguiles and lullabyes the grandstand.
The aircraft, codenamed Kunlong, returned about an hour later and taxied to its stand accompanied by martial music and greeted by crowds waving Chinese flags.
To mark the occasion, Sharjah organised the biggest national gathering on Flag Island where the flag was hoisted on the seventh tallest flagpole with special martial music shows and marine sports events.
Ants, bees, crickets, mosquitos, even flowers and birds come making their own martial music, ready to defend the essence of healthy Nature and the environment everywhere, even in poisoned ground.
Xi, who oversees the PLA in his role as head of the powerful Central Military Commission, repeatedly shouted, "Hello comrades!" and "Comrades, you are working hard!" into four microphones fixed atop his motorcade as martial music blared in the background.
Martial music is playing, and then the national anthem, with Evo Morales standing with a raised fist.
Bands blared out martial music and public buildings were draped in giant flags and banners to mark the birthday, which is known as The Day of the Sun.
For "Suffragette," directed by Sarah Gavron, Desplat wrote stoically martial music carried by a persistent drumbeat rhythm-- "to show there's a war going on that can never stop."
Historians will fire vintage firearms and perform martial music covering 300 years of America's military history.
State broadcasting actually relied very heavily on Western martial music during the Iran-Iraq War, with many of the marches of American John Phillip Souza proving especially popular.
There are no chariots or military escorts and no brass band marching to martial music. Instead two of Jesus' disciples, perhaps implementing arrangements made earlier, went to a nearby village, probably Bethany, to requisition temporarily a donkey and her colt for their master to ride on.