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Of the six species, only Marsh Wren is believed to be breeding on the site, although a pair of Bald Eagles nests just off the property.
Other sightings included the red-naped sapsucker, Cassin's kingbird and a marsh wren.
The marsh wren and the sparrow make for good comparisons.
2) Marsh wren models included cattail cover, water cover, water depth, and vegetation height (Kroodsma and Verner, 1997).
2) suggested that model residuals for the swamp sparrow and red-winged blackbird showed negative spatial autocorrelation whereas those for the marsh wren and song sparrow showed positive spatial autocorrelation.
And, side by side with the regal Canada goose, the marsh wren disappears into its own blandness.
The disappearance of the little marsh wren would be a major loss, for they are a joy to watch.
Well, there are birds that sing at night too, such as cuckoos, marsh wrens, and field sparrows.
Its tops are woven into nests by marsh wrens, and clapper rails forage and hide in the dense growth.
The 1/2-mile Meadow Trail leads out past the playing field to a freshwater pond where buckwheat and elderberry now provide food and cover for killdeer, marsh wrens, savanna sparrows, and other birds.
Birds with large territories, such as eastern marsh wrens, tend to have smaller playlists than those, such as western marsh wrens, that have to jockey for position on tiny plots, Kroodsma finds.
He showed that adult western and eastern marsh wrens develop different-sized repertoires when given similar tutoring as youngsters.
A 500-foot ramble along a boardwalk leads to a freshwater marsh, where you can see black-shouldered kites, egrets, nesting marsh wrens, and ospreys competing with river otters for fish in Redwood Creek.
A desert haven on the Salton Sea At the Wister area, nature exists on both grand and small scales: even as the honking of 10,000 wintering snow geese fills the air, the hidden rustling of marsh wrens and Say's phoebe lures you toward the thick brush along the water's edge.
Here you can look out over the north section to the hills beyond, and hear marsh wrens chattering in the reeds, song sparrows chirping in the tall grasses.