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a bone containing edible marrow

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After overview essays, case studies focus on such sites as Fusiliers' Arch in Saint Stephen's Green, the Pearse Street Garda Station (formerly the Central Police Station), the Clontarf Automatic Telephone Exchange on Castle Avenue, Saint George's and Saint Thomas' Church on Cathal Brugha Street, General Post Office reconstructions on O'Connell Street Lower, and Marrowbone Lane flats.
Akgol, "Biosensor applications of chiral metamaterials for marrowbone temperature sensing," Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, vol.
Suitable for two people, it comes with truffle mash, spiced carrots, pickled walnuts and a delicious marrowbone sauce.
(44) Pine Ridge elder Ben Marrowbone confirmed this in his telling of the woman's gifting the pipe to the people.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 29, 2015-NewLead Holdings Did Not Close Marrowbone Mine Acquisition in 2013, After All
He was a New Deal southern Democrat and a great admirer of Franklin Roosevelt; when electricity first came to their home in Marrowbone, Kentucky, in 1946, Sam told his young son, Kern, King's father, that it was thanks to Roosevelt and the Tennessee Valley Authority.
And yet, beef has long been available at various Mumbai restaurants from the burger at the iconic Leopold Cafe to the marrowbone curry popular at eateries in Muslim neighbourhoods.
While the reader will also be sent "alone into the cold wind of ageing", he or she will be "searing from the marrowbone".
In this part of the study, SRDS based chiral metamaterial structure is used as a temperature sensor for measuring temperature of a marrowbone. Sensing of marrowbone temperature is highly important for health applications.
Marrowbone of Memory is an anthology of poetry by Jeri McCormick, whose deep connection to her Appalachian and Irish heritage shows through her striking re-imaginings of the trials of her in-laws, who emigrated to escape the ravages of famine in Ireland.
Highlights of his career include; - Mr Palm played a lead role in the feasibility and construction of one of the most recent large underground coal mines in the western United States; - Vice President and General Manager of several coal mines including Star Point, Illinois Operations, and Orchard Valley with Cyprus Amax Minerals Company in the United States; - General Manager of Mining Operations for Wolf Creek Collieries, Marrowbone, and Kermit Coal with Zeigler Coal Holding Company; - President and Chief Operating Officer for the Shrewsbury Coal Co and Donaldson Mine Company, operations owned by the Valley Camp Coal Company.
His leg practically twitched when a stentorian voice thundered in his ear a demand to see the marrowbone he had ordered "an hour ago." Fridolin dared not look up in the direction of the thunderous voice--he knew anyway that the person in question was one of the regulars who always attached undue importance to his orders.
Not to be deprived of the customary marrowbone, this was presented with a splash of creamy mashed potato poured into it.