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From the start the Crowleys insisted that the two essential elements of CFM would be membership of married couples, not separate groups for men and women, and they would use the "inquiry technique," which Pat and Patty adapted from Cardinal Joseph Cardijn of Belgium.
3 million families in Canada, of which nearly 6 million (70%) were married couples and 1.
Accountancy firm Numerica based its study on a married couple earning pounds 40,000 a year between them, with pounds 120,000 mortgage.
The Administration's proposal would restore the pre-1948 inequality that existed between community property and common-law states: Married couples must treat community property as 50% owned by each spouse, while married couples in common-law states can arrange for their property to be 100% owned by the older spouse (increasing the likelihood that the entire property will be included in the estate of the first spouse to die).
The Republicans' support for "family values" has inspired a proposal to make tax relief available to married couples in each of the five years after enactment.
The summary file counts originally showed that there were 349,377 married couple households and 552,620 same-sex unmarried partner households.
When a married couple split, the court decides who gets the house or how its value will be divided - taking into account other assets, future earning potential and where any children will live.
Unless there's a married couple out there who met as babies in a hospital maternity ward somewhere, I figure Kristi Pinsker and Brian Kaplon's wedding this Sunday is one for the ``Guinness Book of Records.
Kelly also makes it clear that positive outcomes of decision making are based on what each married couple sees as fair and equitable.
21) Once it acknowledges marriage, a tax regime must determine whether to treat the married couple as a taxpaying unit or whether each individual spouse must pay taxes separately.
For those who overpaid tax by not filing as a married couple, Tax Resolution Services of Michigan can help file amended returns to claim the money owed to them by the IRS.
here for example, the federal government would not be able to prevent you from filing a joint income tax return as any married couple would.
The practitioner should attach a statement to the amended tax return stating that the legally married couple is submitting the protective claim for refund based on the unconstitutionality of Section 3 of DOMA.
It is the ancient practice of faleaitu which led Shigeyuki Kihara to create her 2005 body of work entitled Fa'afafine; in a manner of a woman, a series of photographic self portraits where she disguises herself to portray a Samoan man, a woman, and a married couple.