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Synonyms for married

Synonyms for married

of, relating to, or typical of marriage

Synonyms for married

a person who is married

joined in matrimony

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of or relating to the state of marriage

References in classic literature ?
Nicholas shook hands, kissed his old pupils all round, intrusted a large parcel of toys to the guardianship of Morleena, bowed to the doctor and the married ladies, and inquired after Mrs Kenwigs in a tone of interest, which went to the very heart and soul of the nurse, who had come in to warm some mysterious compound, in a little saucepan over the fire.
At this juncture, proclamation was made by another married lady, that the baby had begun to eat like anything; whereupon the two married ladies, already mentioned, rushed tumultuously into the bedroom to behold him in the act.
His kindest love,' resumed Nicholas; 'and to say that he had no time to write, but that he was married to Miss Petowker.
It's very trying, and very hard to bear, we know,' said one of the married ladies; 'but think of your dear darling wife.
On our way to London nobody noticed us; nobody would have doubted that we had been married for years.
I don't know myself what getting married must feel like, but it cannot be much more exciting than watching other people getting married.
Well, you see," she said, "he had been married before.
I'm engaged to get married to my long-term partner, but I'm having an affair with my ex-boyfriend.
They had the following children: Joan Winifred married Leonard Young, George William married Doreen Jones, Annie Elizabeth married Douglas Woodbridge, Marie married Dennis Cartmell, Fred Carlston married Betty Tew, John Lacy married Jean Tyrrell, William Thomas married Mavis Huddart, Leslie married Irene Jones, Terence Joseph Franks married Christine Bird.
Married men and women disagree as to who is responsible for financial decisions in the household, according to a new study.
He married ladies older than him by 23 years and younger than him by 36 years.
If he gets a "yes" answer this means Amanda is married and a "no" answer means Brittany is married.
KABUL (PAN): Raveel, a 23-year-old who got married between Eidul Fitr and Eidul Adha last year, said: "People say it is not good to get married between those holidays, but I feel myself fortunate and have no problem.
The government also forbids Omani men from marrying a foreign woman if he is still married to a local woman, unless his wife cannot fulfil her marriage obligations, the source said.
The survey of 10,414 women indicated that around five percent of women aged 20-24 married men who were already married.