marriage of convenience

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a marriage for expediency rather than love

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- Combat marriages of convenience: the Commission has drafted a guide on this topic
Marriages of convenience are usually derived to exploit legal loopholes and gain materialistic values.
Besides illegal entry across the borders, there are other measures used to get to Estonia--such as marriages of convenience or unfounded visa applications.
In this paper, we use data gathered during (NIS-1996) and after the change in immigration laws (NIS 2003) to examine if "marriages of convenience" reflect different matching patterns compared to marriages that took place without the urgency of obtaining legal status within the U.S.
CATHIE'S fake bride racket developed after she was contacted by Africans looking for women for marriages of convenience.
Suddenly rock and roll marriages of convenience didn't seem so bad.
Earlier this week, Three appeal judges upheld a High Court decision that rules designed to block "marriages of convenience" were in breach of human rights.
The judgment is a serious blow to Government moves, set in motion by former Home Secretary David Blunkett, to end marriages of convenience which abuse immigration controls.
Marriages of convenience are discouraged by legislation that slaps a five-year waiting period on foreigners seeking permanent residence by marrying a South African citizen.
HRW praised moves by Karzai to corral the so-called warlords, but said the US should bolster those efforts by ending marriages of convenience with provincial commanders.
Like most marriages of convenience, there was some discomfort at the ceremony that brought the two congregations together under one roof.
Sooner or later, friends like this are going to start contracting same-sex marriages of convenience. The single mom will get medical and governmental benefits, will share her friend's paycheck, and will gain an additional caretaker for the kids besides.
That love poetry fairly twitched with the tensions of a society built on arranged marriages of convenience should cause no surprise; but it is startling to see the adulatory and fretful language of lov e lyrics reappear so exactly in the laments of clients snubbed by their patrons, or in petitions addressed to virgin saints.
But the passage of the Gramm-Leach-Biley Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 has created some unlikely, and profitable, marriages .They are marriages of convenience, to be sure.
The two predominant themes of his plays are dramatic criticism, as seen in La comedia nueva (1792; "The New Comedy"), in which he satirizes the absurd characters and plots of contemporary plays, and attacks on excessive parental authority and marriages of convenience, as seen in El si de las ninas (1806; The Maiden's Consent).