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Synonyms for marriageable

deemed suitable for marriage

Synonyms for marriageable

of girls or women who are eligible to marry


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I can imagine de Barral accustomed for years to defer to her wishes and, either through arrogance, or shyness, or simply because of his unimaginative stupidity, remaining outside the social pale, knowing no one but some card-playing cronies; I can picture him to myself terrified at the prospect of having the care of a marriageable girl thrust on his hands, forcing on him a complete change of habits and the necessity of another kind of existence which he would not even have known how to begin.
Mr Pancks was one of the very few marriageable men for whom Miss Rugg had no terrors, the argument with which he reassured himself being twofold; that is to say, firstly, 'that it wouldn't do twice,' and secondly, 'that he wasn't worth it.
Except that the son's inheriting is made conditional on his marrying a girl, who at the date of the will, was a child of four or five years old, and who is now a marriageable young woman.
He thought her prettiness comparable to the loveliest things in confectionery; he judged her to be of submissive temper--likely to wait upon him as well as if she had been a negress, and to be silently terrified when his liver made him irritable; and he considered the Palfrey family quite the best in the parish, possessing marriageable daughters.
Marriageable heiresses, de notre bord, are not to be had for nothing; it must be name for name, and fortune for fortune.
Owing to a shortage of girls of marriageable age in many of these states, there have even been reports of women being 'purchased' from other states as prospective brides.
Asma challenged the clergy on issues of blasphemy, the marriageable age for girls and a wali's presence in solemnising marriage,' he added.
The priest speaking with newsmen on Saturday during the marriage matrimony of 83 couples in commemoration of his 10th priestly anniversary in St Patrick Catholic Church, Akwanga, Akwanga Local Government Area of the State, said the gesture was extended to those who have reached the marriageable age to enable them to receive the sacrament of holy matrimony.
Traditionally, emigration affected mostly males of marriageable ages, leaving a gap between the sexes at these ages.
And for all those ladies in Pakistan who're under pressure to marry but just don't feel it yet, am wayyy past the average marriageable age for our so called standards but I did know one thing all along.
Perhaps this would have continued unchecked had India not been occupied by the British who brought with them the concept of a 'minor child' and abolition of child marriages by enacting the Child Marriage Restraint Act, 1929, fixing the marriageable age for girls and boys at 15 and 18, respectively.
She, however, has love at the top of her list of marriageable attributes.
One of the mothers in the village has notified the prosecution that the imam has consented to customary marriages of her underage daughter and other girls claiming that this kind of marriage is lawful until the girl reaches marriageable age after which, her marriage needs to be officially legalized.
Sootvetstvuyuschie certificates, permits, marriageable and confirmed by the competent authorities of the Republic of Belarus
Bridesmaids are traditionally chosen from a group of single women in marriageable age within the bride's family.