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Bulandshahr (Up) [India], Feb 4 ( ANI ): A man has admitted to killing two women in a village in Bulandshahr district of Western UP and burning their bodies on Thursday after one of them turned down his marriage proposal.
On November 10, a girl was allegedly burned alive by a man for rejecting his marriage proposal in Mandi Bahauddin, police officials said.
Isadora Cerullo, 25, has become the first athlete to receive a marriage proposal at the Rio Olympic Games.
Half (50%) of men said they would feel, or had felt flattered, if they received a marriage proposal - but nearly one in 20 (4%) agreed it would make them feel "their luck had run out".
According to the man's statement, Kacmaz had rejected his marriage proposal.
According to Al Masdar news, the loved-up lady has offered Saad half of her fortune as a dowry if he accepts her marriage proposal.
the ostentatiousness of a marriage proposal is indirectly proportional to the length of the marriage.
The couple took to the skies of Merseyside to fly over Goodison, where Wayne had organised for the marriage proposal to be spelt out using twometre high letters saying: "Bekki will you marry me?
The two comedies, Bear and A Marriage Proposal, will be performed by members of PROVA Theatrical workshop, led by actor Christoforos Christoforou.
com)-- Dubl B Marketing is giving away "A Marriage Proposal and Surprise Wedding In 1 Day: Tips to never give up on your wedding idea against all odds" for free.
Paul Ferguson No, it's not the best marriage proposal ever.
The officer allowed Harrel to complete the marriage proposal, and Harrel's girlfriend eventually said yes.
A BIRTHDAY walk to the top of the Redcar Beacon led to a very public marriage proposal for shocked Sue Langham.
IT'LL take more than a marriage proposal to make an honest woman of Corrie's Toxic Tracy but Ryan is willing to give it a try.