marriage of convenience

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a marriage for expediency rather than love

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Ryan Reynolds is forced into a marriage of convenience with Sandra Bullock.
But it is still a shaky union," writes Maclean's contributor Patrick Graham, "a desperate marriage of convenience based on shared enemies: Iran, and the Sunnis' former-friend-turned-foe al-Qaeda.
When in late 2002 then Italian PM Berlusconi asked visiting Erdogan in Rome just what kind of marriage the Turkish leader envisaged between Turkey and the EU - a marriage of convenience, or of love?
Although for reasons of state, the Prince married and produced the necessary two heirs, it is clear that on his side this was only a marriage of convenience and, in due course, was dissolved.
The Duke offers a marriage of convenience in which Rogan takes care of Caroline and in return will have the funds needed to achieve his objective.
A new musical adapted from the Ang Lee film about the culture clash that results when a gay Taiwanese-American man enters into a marriage of convenience with a Chinese immigrant woman.
They have largely cast the sickbed nuptials as a marriage of convenience for the bride, a union that would give her what Orwell himself referred to as a sinecure of "the writer's widow.
The artistic section of the exhibition, with thirty-two participants, went rather on the offensive in its criticism of art and business as a marriage of convenience.
Wilkins and Julias alternated as Caroline, the young lady being forced into a marriage of convenience.
2] He believed that 'the marriage between architecture and housing at the earlier stages of the modern movement ended in divorce, suggesting that for some it was a marriage of convenience from the start'.
It is, however, purely a marriage of convenience and is destined sooner or later to end in messy divorce.
But the Moon-Robertson marriage of convenience is a new height of absurdity.
It is the story of Floria, the beautiful and charismatic Gypsy who was adopted as a child slave by the noble Romanos and later became his mistress; regardless of his subsequent marriage of convenience to the Frankish Lady Isabella, she stayed by him all his life as the woman he truly loved and the mother of his charming daughter, Agnes.
It will be interesting to see where this marriage of convenience leads.