marriage of convenience

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a marriage for expediency rather than love

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Love Per Square Foot is a romantic comedy about a man and woman who enter a marriage of convenience to buy a flat in Mumbai.
BEIRUT: It could be considered a marriage of convenience between the financially strapped but politically stable eastern Mediterranean countries of Greece and Cyprus and wealthy Lebanese property investors.
Is the alliance only an immoral marriage of convenience to fulfill its lust for power
China-Saudi Arabia relations, 1990-2012; marriage of convenience or strategic alliance?
A Lebanese man has been held at the Menoyia centre for seven months, awaiting deportation, on the grounds that he had entered a marriage of convenience with an EU citizen.
Fifteen-year-old Isabelle runs into the sea, believing suicide is the only way to escape a marriage of convenience.
And while Bell and Reuben attend a ghastly wedding fair, it looks like Bell's brother Gravy might beat them to the punch with his marriage of convenience.
The marriage of convenience between public and private development was in fact celebrated last year by the Coventry delegation in an event cheekily called 'Dancing With The Devil'.
Wednesday The Proposal BBC3 10pm Sandra Bullock (pictured right) stars in this romantic comedy as a Canadian publishing editor who faces deportation from the US unless she can coerce her assistant Ryan Reynolds (pictured left) into a marriage of convenience.
Gus is daughter of a once-wealthy family left destitute by the Civil War, forced into a marriage of convenience and left destitute when her husband suddenly dies and leaves her penniless.
A marriage of convenience currently takes place for financial and practical reasons, "not for love, commitment or intimacy," says Aliya Khalid, a 28-year-old marketing executive in Jeddah.
She said the couple entered into a secret marriage of convenience, known as "meta'a", and he promised to marry her officially - but they later fell out and separated.
Rob Boston's last Church & State column ("The Religious Right and the Tea Party: Marriage of Convenience or lust a Passing Fling?
But a coalition stabilised by unifying core beliefs is better than a marriage of convenience between the Tories and Lib Dems.
The objection was lodged on the basis that immigration officials believed it would be a marriage of convenience for residency purposes.