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of or relating to or characteristic of marble


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(2.) Margaret Farrand Thorp, "The White, Marmorean Flock," The New England Quarterly, v.
Lewis had kept company with the likes of the actress Charlotte Cushman, the formerly enslaved statesman Frederick Douglass, the lawyer John Mercer Langston, the sculptor William Wetmore Story, and the abolitionists William Lloyd Garrison and Lydia Maria Child--who once remarked that Lewis's dedication to her artistic work was so great that she could have "cut through the Alps with a penknife." In Rome, she became a tangential if often-mentioned member of a community of women-identified-women--whom Henry James disparagingly branded the "white marmorean [marble] flock." This coterie, which included Lewis's fellow American female sculptors Anne Whitney and Harriet Hosmer, had moved to Rome seeking the relative freedoms the city offered at the time.
She worked at the edge of the white marmorean flock, a group of American women sculptors who descended on Rome to practice their art.
Harriet Hosmer, a leading woman sculptor in the coterie which Henry James referred to as 'The White Marmorean Flock' wrote,
(5) Patricia Cronin, Memorial to a Marriage (Woodlawn Cemetery, New York) Henry James might wince, were he to see this pathbreaking update to what he called "the white, marmorean flock." After total immersion in nineteenth-century tomb sculpture, with an ear to the gossip about a colony of American lesbian sculptors who chiseled neoclassic nudes in Rome, Cronin resurrected these fantasies in a fresh offering to the supernatural: a monument to herself and her lover, the painter Deborah Kass, entwined like Victorian babes-in-the-wood.