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soup cooked in a large pot

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a large pot especially one with legs used e

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Unilever, the company behind Marmite, has described the 100g bars as "a devious treat for the in-laws" at Christmas or ideal for those struggling to find a present for a loved one.
Other pictures include Gordon Brown in Marmite, KFC's iconic Colonel Sanders in tomato ketchup and pop star Pink in chocolate syrup.
The Spar shop at the Northamptonshire petrol station was targeted by a thief who struck several times, each time stealing nothing but a number of jars of Marmite, forecourt manager Jim Keary said.
Can it be possible that whoever imposed the ban has not actually tasted Marmite?
As the name implies, the Unique Mixproof range is designed to enable two incompatible media to flow through the system without intermixing and is ideal for the job of isolating the product and CIP streams in the Marmite production process.
To create the takeaway treat Marmite has been slathered on dough and topped with cheese for a snack Papa Johns insist is big down under.
Two flavours, an intense one called Marmite XXX and a more subtle version, have been released to mark National Ice Cream Day, which takes place today.
Supermarket rivals Asda and Morrisons put up their own Marmite prices last year, but Tesco had resisted any increases from Unilever until this week.
Despite tasting Marmite for a living, he has vowed not to stop eating it.
IT'S the one they all wanted to crack but - in a Cash Queens eggs-clusive - we're the first to test the Marmite Easter egg.
It is their equivalent of Marmite, was invented 90 years ago and is made from leftover brewers' yeast extract.
One by one Geoff introduced the cadets to Baz the three-legged ferret, Roxy the fox, Skye the barn owl, a tortoise and Marmite the snake.
From the categories of Best Friend, Most Incredible Story, Hero Cat, Ultimate Survivor and Lifetime Achievement there could be only one winner, Marmite. When Lindsay Davies suddenly went into labour alone, she was terrified - until her pet moggy Marmite stepped in as an emergency midwife.