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the amount added to the cost to determine the asking price

detailed stylistic instructions for typesetting something that is to be printed

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This version of FXML Guide is released as a developer edition featuring minimal illustrations but more than 75 markup snippets for use by developers and others familiar with Java, JavaFX and markup in general.
The Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan is collecting markup at the rate of 16.
Applying a markup percent may also lead to a false sense of confidence that the prices will lead to profitability: If that percent is chosen arbitrarily without the user thoroughly understanding the breakeven dynamics of the business, it can have the opposite effect and undermine profitability.
The average rate markup according to the Center for Responsible Lending is 2.
The first model (Hall-Roeger model) assesses the markup of the whole Greek manufacturing industry over the period 1984-2007.
The non-markup, also called a mock markup, is an informal process in which the committees of jurisdiction--House Ways and Means and Senate Finance--give nonbinding recommendations to the administration as it develops final implementing legislation for the free trade pacts, which may not be amended once they are submitted.
A markup (or markdown) is the difference between the price dealers transact among other dealers and the price the customer pays.
The writer has heard owners expressing satisfaction at paying a couple of pennies per gallon above the rack price, not realizing that they were paying an extra markup over and above the markup already incorporated into the rack price.
The primary goal of markup is to separate the treatment (for example, the appearance or structure) of a document from the actual data in the document.
With those numbers in hand, the minimum markup for a small to medium-sized contractor is 50%.
The tML is the telecom-specific derivative of XML (eXtensible Markup Language), which is expected to become the standard for OSS transactions.
These formats include PDF, tagged image format (TIF), standard generalized markup language (SGML), hypertext markup language (HTML), and extensible markup language (XML).
The article on "Markup Languages," explains what a markup language is and how it impacts work on the Web.
will very likely incorporate VoiceXML into its Speech Interface Framework; for copyright reasons the standard will be known as the W3C Dialog markup language.
No manufacturers announced any immediate plans to test the ruling, and it is unclear how soon the change might be felt by consumers because the legality of markup limits will now be determined case by case.