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a garden where fruit and vegetables are grown for marketing

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I have been keeping out of the way and living cheap down about the market-gardens, but what's the use of living cheap when you have got no money?
With these magnificent portraits, unworthily confined in a band-box during his seclusion among the market-gardens, he decorates his apartment; and as the Galaxy Gallery of British Beauty wears every variety of fancy dress, plays every variety of musical instrument, fondles every variety of dog, ogles every variety of prospect, and is backed up by every variety of flower-pot and balustrade, the result is very imposing.
Paul's, jingling rapidly by the strangers' entry of Fleet-Market, which, with Exeter 'Change, has now departed to the world of shadows--how they passed the White Bear in Piccadilly, and saw the dew rising up from the market-gardens of Knightsbridge--how Turnhamgreen, Brentwood, Bagshot, were passed--need not be told here.
They had passed beyond the belt of market-gardens round hungry Umballa, and were among the mile-wide green of the staple crops.
Veterans from the region will be among those heading back to Holland for the 65th anniversary of Operation Market-Garden, which was immortalised in the 1977 film A Bridge Too Far.