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a newsletter written by an analyst of the stock market and sold to subscribers

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I have been attending national meetings until the last one when they were cooking this Black Market letter but I can tell you that Adetimehin was not allowed to attend.
Brown, publisher of "The Phoenix Housing Market Letter." "Among the privately held builders, the company is clearly at or near the top of the market."
Phoenix Housing Market Letter predicts that more than 31,000 single-family housing permits will be issued in the greater Phoenix area in 1996, which would be a record.
Whether they work for a daily paper, a magazine, or write a market letter, custom insists that regularly, by deadline, they present us with a convincing explanation of market movements.
Tucson, AZ, May 05, 2010 --( The Schannep Timing Indicator & Newsletter ( announced the significant increase in consumer confidence has a positive implication for the stock market in its recent monthly Stock Market Letter, according to Editor Jack Schannep.
Previously, Cabot's newsletters--Cabot Market Letter, Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Letter, Cabot Top Ten Report, Cabot China Investor Report, and Cabot Stock of the Month--were each featured on its own independent site.
is on a list of 28 companies that have produced consistent earnings gains for at least the past five years, despite changing economic conditions, prepared by the Merrill Lynch Market Letter. The market letter says that these companies have good prospects for further earnings gains this year, next year and over the next five years.
In 1970, in love with the stock market and unhindered by any special knowledge of newsletter publishing, Carlton Lutts launched the Cabot Market Letter (CML), published 26x/year and now selling for $335.
The latest Merrill Lynch Market Letter predicts that, if the recent momentum continues, the 2500 to 2600 Dow Jones target zone could be reached in a hurry, thereby setting the stage for an assault on the 1987 high of 2722.
The Cabot Market Letter, published by The Cabot Heritage Corporation, published its 1000th issue on April 18, 2003.