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an analyst of conditions affecting a market (especially the stock market)

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I am glad to join such an admired and respected company and looking forward to unveil new products that might assist traders in identifying more investment opportunities," said Joe Hawa, Chief Market Analyst at Amana Capital.
Russian investment bank, Renaissance Capital (Rencap), has announced that it has hired a market analyst from HSBC (LSE: HSBA).
During her years working as a market analyst she continued freelance writing for the Arkansas Catholic.
Shares of ADCB recovered strongly today on the back of its good quarterly result," said a market analyst.
The amount sold in the UK is down 5 per cent compared with 2005, according to market analysts Mintel.
Meanwhile, marmalade sales fell by 10per cent over the same period, according to market analysts Mintel.
In addition, we featured a market analyst, meteorologist and a financial planning speaker.
Lots of market analysts and economists expect prices to behave in this fashion for a while.
The markets, of late, have been trading sideways and in the week ahead I am expecting them to either break above or break below their current levels on higher volumes," said Ahmad Hamdy, a market analyst.
Demand in move-up home-buying ranges continues to spur northeastern Ontario starts," says CMHC market analyst Warren Philp, in a July 11 release.
For additional information: Peter Cardillo Chief Market Analyst 212 771-7640 S.
According to independent market analyst Datamonitor, the UK is Europe's second largest gourmet food market after France, which sells 7.
economy continued to struggle to maintain its meager recovery," said Neil Siegel, MGIC's Senior Market Analyst.
This is a clear warning sign that the damage is not contained to technology,'' said Bill Meehan, chief market analyst at Cantor Fitzgerald & Co.
Their loan to deposit ratios arenAEt good enough and this is slowing down economic activity,o said Ahmad Hamdy, a market analyst.