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Synonyms for marker

some conspicuous object used to distinguish or mark something

a writing implement for making a mark

References in classic literature ?
Marker, the housekeeper, had been in there tidying not very long before--about a quarter of an hour, she says.
Mine, too," answered Harnish, while the others stated the values they put on their own markers, French Louis, the most modest, issuing his at a hundred dollars each.
MacDonald, glancing again at his hand, put in a thousand in markers.
Me for that same lady," accompanied MacDonald's markers for two thousand and for an additional thousand-dollar raise.
Eleven thousand dollars were already in the pot, and the markers were heaped in a confused pile in the centre of the table.
I ain't go no more markers," Kearns remarked plaintively.
Daylight drew it across to him, with firm fingers separating and stacking the markers and I.
It has been ready a long while," answered the marker, who had already set the balls in a triangle, and was knocking the red one about for his own diversion.
I opened my ninth book at a very special passage, and put the fan in as a marker, to keep the place.
The drawers beneath contained nothing but cards, and the usual counters and markers.
No other chalk marker company tells the customer how much ink is in the markers," the spokesperson said.
Tenders are invited for Supply of printing & stationary items Ruler Steel, Ruler Plastic, 1 meter patti steel, Sponge Dabi, Punching Machine-DP-52, Punching Machine DP-500, Pen Drive 4 GB, Pen Drive 8 GB, Marker pen-black, Marker pen-red, Permanent Marker-black, Permanent Marker-blue, Permanent Marker-White, Permanent Marker-red, Permanent Marker-green, Marker pen white board-red, Marker pen white board-blue, White board marker ink-blue, White board marker ink-blue, Pen-red,
Cell surface marker analysis is also essential in determination of experimental drug or ligand response.
Police traced one marker to Oscar Graichen, a World War I veteran who died in 1954 and was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, in Clinton.
To achieve complete automation in process of marker recognition it is proposed to set marker on the end-effector.