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Synonyms for marker

some conspicuous object used to distinguish or mark something

a writing implement for making a mark

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Marker-assisted introgression, QTL, Flanking markers selection, MBLUP selection
Either when I was in the classroom or at home it seemed every time I picked up a marker it was dried out because someone forgot to put the cap on," explained Kim.
There are many AR applications that focus on marker tracking using computer vision and image recognition algorithms.
Roadside New Mexico: A Guide to Historic Markers, Revised and Expanded Edition
Row 3 (raglan inc row, RS): K3, yo, sl marker, k1, sl marker, yo, [k2tog tbl, yo] to 1 st before marker, *k1, yo, sl marker, k1, sl marker, yo, [k2tog tbl, yo] to 1 st before marker, rep from * once more, k1, yo, sl marker, k1, sl marker, yo, k3; 33 (33, 35, 35) sts for back, 4 sts for each front, 7 (9, 9, 11) sts for each sleeve, 59 (63, 65, 69) sts total.
sup][3],[5] To the best of our knowledge, limited data regarding the usefulness of sonographic-guided percutaneous fiducial marker implantation for hepatic malignancies.
We predict the current value of each marker position, and calculate weighted mean of the predicted value and the reconstruction value got at Step 2.
I dropped of the grave marker that was stolen from Clinton and they told me that they would make all of the appropriate repairs to it.
1) focused on prognostic risk markers for each type of cardiovascular outcome, I think their statement can be extended to any type of marker (including those derived from genomics, proteomics, and immunology), to any medical domain in which markers play a role, and to any type of outcome ranging from dichotomous outcomes (e.
Considering these results in light of the potential methodological limitations of these studies, one might fairly suggest that uncertainty exists about the capability of "standard" kinematic models, such as the Helen Hayes (HH) marker set [8] to accurately capture motion of the ankle in shod or shod plus device conditions for this group of persons with amputation.
Southwest Gas main and service connections are installed by contractors who pressure-test new segments and then drop electronic marker balls at key points before backfilling.
but the use of this marker is limited by its lack of specificity to bone collagen.
Stewart's husband, who also served in the first Gulf War and was stationed in Korea, has yet to receive a memorial marker engraved with the symbol of his faith.
We asked Gordon what he thought of Kobayashi's program of linking marker monitoring with diet and lifestyle treatments.
These animals steal the spotted cats' fresh kills for an easy meal, says Laurie Marker, a zoologist and the founder and executive director of the Cheetah Conservation Fund.