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Synonyms for marker

some conspicuous object used to distinguish or mark something

a writing implement for making a mark

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"Mine, too," answered Harnish, while the others stated the values they put on their own markers, French Louis, the most modest, issuing his at a hundred dollars each.
MacDonald, glancing again at his hand, put in a thousand in markers. Kearns, debating a long time over his hand, finally "saw." It then cost French Louis nine hundred to remain in the game, which he contributed after a similar debate.
"Me for that same lady," accompanied MacDonald's markers for two thousand and for an additional thousand-dollar raise.
Eleven thousand dollars were already in the pot, and the markers were heaped in a confused pile in the centre of the table.
"I ain't go no more markers," Kearns remarked plaintively.
Daylight drew it across to him, with firm fingers separating and stacking the markers and I.O.U.'s and with clear brain adding the sum.
Marker, the housekeeper, had been in there tidying not very long before--about a quarter of an hour, she says."
Marker. Let us enjoy five minutes of instructive conversation with her."
Didn't he shoot Captain Marker? Didn't he rob young Lord Dovedale at the Cocoa-Tree?
"The men are playing with markers. That means the roof is the limit.
The drawers beneath contained nothing but cards, and the usual counters and markers. With the exception of one pack, the cards in both tables were still wrapped in their paper covers exactly as they had come from the shop.
[170 Pages Report] Fiducial Marker Market research report categorizes the global market By Product (Polymer-Based Markers, Metal-Based Markers, Pure Gold Markers, Liquid-Based Markers), By Modality (CT/CBCT, Cyberknife, Linac, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Proton Therapy, Tomotherapy), By Disease Site (Head & Neck, Breast, Lung, Abdomen, Prostrate, Kidney), By End User (Hospitals, Cancer Research Institutes, Radiotherapy Centers), By Region.
'In 2002, during the unveiling ceremony of the marker for National Federation of Women's Club in the Philippines in Manila Hotel, former President Fidel Ramos joked that the curtain raising reminded him of striptease, and everybody laughed.
The Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (Commission on Filipino Languages) put up a ten-foot tall steel marker honoring the Ibaloy language at Burnham Park's Ibaloy Heritage Garden on Wednesday.
ISLAMABAD -- Caretaker Prime Minister Justice (reted) Nasirul Mulk said on Monday that former diplomat late Jamsheed Marker projected Pakistan's interests at the international level.