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Synonyms for maritime

Synonyms for maritime

of or relating to the seas or oceans

of or relating to sea navigation

Synonyms for maritime

relating to or involving ships or shipping or navigation or seamen

bordering on or living or characteristic of those near the sea

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The Strategic Maritime Threat provides marine enforcement officers with a comprehensive review of the history of maritime terrorism, crime, and piracy with a view toward identifying relevant, current trends.
Its 220-knot speed and ability to loiter over a target 100 miles away for 4 hours brings a formidable capability and presence to the maritime domain filled with terrorists, narcotics traffickers and other seaborne threats.
As well as promoting the area's maritime cluster industry,Mersey Maritime is attending the event with four of the region's leading maritime-focused companies including Mersey Docks and Harbour Company, maritime law experts Hill Dickinson,The Lairdside Maritime Centre and The Laird Foundation.
Another significant challenge is the lack of a legal structure for managing maritime activities.
The three components of maritime industry most affected by piracy are the shippers (manufacturers that own the cargo), carriers (companies that own the vessels), and insurers of the ships and cargoes.
PHOTO Among the items included in the Maritime Museum auction is a scale model of the H.
Maritime Place is to be built in two phases: Phase 1, to start in late 1999, will include rehabilitating the Lock Building and constructing the Maritime Aquarium parking facility.
Bolster's account builds on a growing volume of significant maritime history.
As a result of the higher, tax-included prices for the maritime provinces, separate catalogues and advertising flyers will be required increasing the cost of producing those materials.
The first clause in the 1981 version was "to graduate outstanding young Americans with definite ambitions to serve as leaders in the United States Maritime Industry.
Only The Maritime Executive provides such depth of insight into the decision making process of industry leaders throughout the maritime world.
Ali Al Daboos, Executive Director for Operations at DMCA, said: "The 'Sea Dubai' reflects our continued focus on launching quality initiatives that will enhance the maritime leisure sector, which is an important component of maritime tourism.
The meeting also emphasised the commitment of both parties in enriching knowledge and exchange of the most successful experiences and best practices in the sector, with maritime training and technological innovation as a key pillars for upgrading all aspects of the maritime cluster, said a statement.
The World Maritime Day is observed internationally during last week of September every year under the auspices of IMO, said a statement issued here by media department of Pakistan Navy.
The Honorable Michael Khouri, Acting Chairman, Federal Maritime Commission
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