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Table-II: Comparison of normal, osteopenic and osteoporotic subjects according to marital status, occupation, educational level, place of living (residence) and age.
Whereas, rest of subscales and overall scale of BSC and SRMEI show no significant differences in category of gender and marital status. A one way Anova has been applied on category of qualification on scores of brief coping scale and self report measure of emotional intelligence scale among caregivers of mentally ill patients and has found no significant mean differences between and within groups at 0.05 significant level (table-III).
The students' happiness at Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences correlated with gender, age, place of birth, marital status, mode of residence, academic term and field of study.
Table 1: Mean of the three sub scales of MBI, and means of subscales stratified by gender and marital status.
In addition, subsequent subgroup analysis, based on SEER stage, validated the prognostic value of marital status in GISTs.
Women with a higher education level are often better able to provide financially for their children regardless of marital status.
(144) Other Supreme Court precedent may illustrate that individuals indeed possess not only a right to engage in private, consensual sexual conduct, but also a right to do so regardless of marital status. (145) In Griswold v.
When we look at job search time before and after the Great Recession, we can see that while marital status is still related to the amount of time spent searching for a job, both married and unmarried women's job search time increased.
Whatever he is today, it is because of the BJP." Modi had declared his marital status while filing his papers earlier this month following an Election Commission order which made it mandatory for candidates to fill in their affidavits fully.
- Marital status: single - Promoted to a higher rank after his martyrdom.
are still commonly used, despite their overt reference to marital status, whereas the English-speaking cultures afford adult men, married or single, the title Mr.
In addition to the physiologic status of the patient, social constructs such as race and marital status play an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of PCa.
For most taxpayers filing a return, marital status is one of the few straightforward determinations in complying with the tax code; however, the recent history of the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996 (DOMA) highlights the ambiguity that sometimes accompanies the determination of marital status for federal tax purposes.