marital relationship

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the relationship between wife and husband

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Love has undeniable importance in a marital relationship because when two people are deeply in love with each other it is easy for them to compromise with each other's weaknesses and to forgive each other's mistakes.
In Table 6, it can be seen that both values indicate that our model over all significantly predicts quality of marital relationship, 48% of variance in marital adjustment and 56% variance in conflict resolution is accounted for by trait EI.
Findings from earlier studies on marital relationship in infertile individuals, showed a significant correlation between stressful life events and marital quality (22).
It is commonly believed among cohabiters that mechanism opens doors of opportunities for proper adjustments among intending couples for quality marital relationship and stability of their dream.
The two ended their five-year de facto marital relationship in 2006.
But, even with that qualification, participants typically expect a conventional marital relationship to be far different from a business relationship, which conventionally calls for only a partial commitment in a limited sphere.
A wide variety of other themes are addressed at length: the rituals of courtship and marriage, at what point a union acquires permanency, the wider impact of the ambiguity of marital relationships (among others, illegitimacy, and concubinage).
The findings indicate that demographic factors such as education, religion, types of marital relationship, and exposure to mass-media education have significant effects on the participants' increased knowledge, changing attitudes, and practices of family planning and reproductive decision-making.
It was an "open secret" that he had enjoyed at least one extra marital relationship with a female police officer, according to one source.
"When couples with a supportive marital relationship have a difficult baby, they tend to rise to the challenge," says Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan, assistant professor of human development and family science.
'The marital relationship between a man and a woman becomes secondary to extended families, so parental will is imposed on the groom and the bride.
Cheating is the knockout for any marital relationship
I have also never established any domestic or marital relationship with Kitany or any of her children as they were merely guests at the Runda House,' Linturi said.