marital relationship

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the relationship between wife and husband

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Studies reveal that coping skills are helpful for reducing parenting stress and improving the quality of marital relationship among parents (Myers, Goin-Kochel, and Maackintosh.
7% (n=32) of married couples have happy marital relationship while 67.
For those who see God as their transcendent moral authority, building or maintaining a good marital relationship and mending marital conflicts are issues of accountability to God.
001], and those with a change in marital relationship within six months prior to the study ([chi square] = 5.
Given that the negative influences of parents' mental disorder on parenting occur within a broader social context, sources of stress and support in social context are included as other determinants of parenting in Belsky's ecological model, specifically the marital relationship, social networks and employment.
The guarding and strengthening factor in the marital relationship are: commitment, loyalty, devotion, trust, priority and spending time, attention and care.
It is time the law recognised the fact that you do not need to have a parental or marital relationship to love someone and suffer real mental harm if they are killed or injured; you do not need to be shocked to suffer psychiatric injury, and you do not need to be standing next to someone when they are killed or injured to be traumatised.
Even then, when we started detailing how a woman might be judged to be ready for a marital relationship we got stuck and reached nowhere.
The findings confirm that just under 54 percent of wives remain living with their husbands under one roof but sleep in different rooms, while 31 percent say they are aware of their poor marital relationship and 36 percent avoid establishing a real marital relationship altogether.
8220;It is timely to have a book on the struggles of a marital relationship and more importantly, of a personal testimony on what strengthens and enriches a marriage.
From a family therapy theoretical orientation, Sachs addresses questions about the developmental tasks and challenges of this launching stage, family dynamics that ease or hinder this transition, their impact on the marital relationship, and economic, digital media, and other factors uniquely affecting this passage for the current generation.
Marital Relationship in Greek Families Raising a Child with a Severe Disability
It focuses on the factors that are considered most important for a happy and satisfied marital relationship and absence of which can cause serious problems and can lead to adverse consequences.
In the last three year significance of EI in marital relationship has compelled researchers in non American and non European countries to investigate its role in the quality of marital relationship.