marital relationship

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the relationship between wife and husband

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For Landon, because God encompasses the kind of love he believes is ideal to a marriage, his striving toward God appears to better his marital relationship.
In addition each chapter covers the importance of established studies that emphasize how and why marital relationships are structured in Western culture, how and why they can be successful and unsuccessful unions, and the ending "final thoughts" of each chapter, which contain structural reflections and advice that married couples can use to enhance their own marital relationships.
Marital relationship is the foundation of the family and is one of the most complex human relations.
Additionally, ample military studies document the relationship between combat-related trauma and marital relationship.
The quality of the marital relationship may not be the first thing women worry about when they get a cancer diagnosis.
The rapper/actor, who married the 'Hero' hitmaker last year, has insisted that their marital relationship does not sway potential employers.
Sharma said Tiwari drew her into an extra- marital relationship.
And, of course, it's too early in the marital relationship to tell the love of your life that, based on your diet, she appears to have confused you with a dung beetle.
Studies on the consequences of economic hardship have documented the detrimental effects of economic hardship on psychological well-being of the adults in families (Rosenblatt & Keller, 1983) and on the marital relationship (Johnson & Booth, 1990).
It would be a mistake to have a too idealized notion, so to speak, of the marital relationship, which would lead one to interpret the normal difficulties that can occur as the couple progress towards full and reciprocal emotional integration as though there were a genuine incapacity to assume the obligations.
The expectant father's current marital relationship factor (E4) was positively and significantly correlated with the current relationship with parents factor (E5).
The Legislature didn't intend to examine the ``ins and outs'' of a marital relationship, he said, adding that his client has been ``lawfully'' married to the alleged killer for 25 years.
Beginning our marital relationship with enforced abstinence led me to a pattern of suppressing desire and frequently rejecting my husband's intimate overtures.
THE ABSENCE of fights in a marital relationship doesn't necessarily reflect its good health.
The includes one unexpected idea "Mark the calendar and block out at least one night a month for a date night with just you and your kids' mom," which underlines the importance of the marital relationship in providing a strong foundation for kids' lives.