marital bed

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the relationship between wife and husband

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Throughout the world women are becoming infected in their marital beds and passing the disease onto their unborn children.
A police officer found him kneeling beside her body as she lay on the marital bed.
Jurors heard he slept with a woman in the marital bed the day after killing Melanie, 30, in August 2006.
He became incapable in the marital bed and hit the bottle so hard that she once found him flat out on a pub floor, she says.
That includes a pounds 500 contribution to her husband's funeral, pounds 150 towards their children's first fatherless Christmas and money to replace the marital bed she could no longer sleep in.
He says the tradition of the marital bed began with the industrial revolution, when people moved into cities and found themselves short of living space.
Danielle was strangled and then suffocated by her husband of 12 years, as she lay in the couple's marital bed.
It's like agreeing to save the marital bed for the ultimate wedding night consummation - only to ruin the special moment with a drunken fumble with a lesser companion three weeks earlier.
He told the court the incident left him with a "confusing mix of emotions", but that he continued to have sex with Lakey at her home, in the marital bed, when her husband was away.
Unsurprisingly, Michael prefers kipping in his car than sharing the marital bed - can he and Gail find a way to get past this latest setback in their relationship?
There's only one person who should share the marital bed and that's Julie's hu Ly Cw IFfBb husband.
A TORMENTED wife snapped at the breakdown of her family and set re to her marital bed when a 'his and hers' duvet tipped her over the edge on Halloween.
9million family home in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands - even using the marital bed.
The model and TV star, 30, was left devastated by claims that the footballer bedded several women behind her back - including one in their marital bed.