marital bed

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the relationship between wife and husband

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Records said the husband has two wives and that he was shocked when he walked in on the defendants sleeping in his marital bed.
Angie also revealed that she once allegedly caught her husband and Rolling Stones front man Mick together in the marital bed of their home in Chelsea in 1973.
The bloody incident is the latest example of the extreme measures taken by women in the Far East against husbands who stray from the marital bed.
She marries the king and brings her sister, Dinarzad, along to the marital bed.
Of course - lover Schofield moved into the marital bed and loser Le Mesurier agreed to move into the attic.
A WIFE was killed falling downstairs after leaving her marital bed because her husband was snoring, an inquest heard yesterday.
It was only after Scottish Socialist Party member Katrine Trolle told the court she had sex with Sheridan in his marital bed that she appeared visibly shaken and the trial was briefly adjourned.
When she spies some keys, she heads out to finish up at Evissa, just as Mercedes walks in to find her husband tied to their marital bed.
But Elizabeth, who proved a tougher monarch than nearly all the Henrys and Georges, held on to her throne by sacrificing her marital bed.
not the Liberal Democrats - into the marital bed, for example, or taking the kind of pills that give you hallucinations of Jack the Ripper dancing the hornpipe with a llama in the corner of your living-room.
They court heard allegations that their mum - who is a number of years younger than her partner - had her teeth loosened and was bruised and headbutted after he accused her of talking to boys and failing to sleep with him in the marital bed when she had too much to drink.
Angle-iron-shaped pillars on rollers with arches, and a brilliantly executed stairway/balcony/grand entrance, also on rollers, and a nifty circular, palm-fronded centerpiece that tripled as a marital bed, or a death catafalque, literally glided into different configurations in a way that was utterly beguiling.
That includes a pounds 500 contribution to her husband's funeral, pounds 150 towards their children's first fatherless Christmas and money to replace the marital bed she could no longer sleep in.
It then became more and more physical, until the pair eventually had sex in the teacher's marital bed.
3) From the first, Eisenman has had a disdain for human values, (4) so much so that years ago in his House VI, he drove a cleft through the marital bed in the name of abstract geometry.