marine mine

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an explosive mine designed to destroy ships that bump into it

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Mining activities at the De Beers Marine mine in South Africa altered the nature of the seabed landscape; where the communities that live in the effected soft sediment areas were destroyed during the mining processes.
MARINE MINE Members of the Royal Navy bomb disposal team and, main picture, the controlled explosion at Southerndown beach.
Nautronix is a significant addition to our marine mine warfare and ASW products offering," said Michael T.
The border guards are working side by side with the personnel of the military forces, God willing, to stand steadfast against Houthi militias that threaten water corridors and marine facilities through booby-trapped boats and marine mines and deal with their threats to defeat their aggression," he added.
Arms of the Republic of Lithuania to the Lithuanian Foundation of Internal AffairsMinistry intends to acquire trailed marine mines.
Massive jellyfish swarms, some of which cover hundreds of square miles, have caused injuries and even occasional deaths to water enthusiasts, and have caused serious damage to fisheries, fish farms, marine mines, desalination plants, ships and nuclear power plants.
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