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the branch of international law that deals with territorial and international waters or with shipping or with ocean fishery etc

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I had no desire for combat, so I transferred to the Marine law program.
1959 -- The Amir, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, issues Decree 3 of 1959 on Kuwaiti marine law.
The future consultant should also draft a marine law.
This seminar which comes in line with 2009-2010 plan of action of the regional association will be run by representatives of APPA member countries as well as academics and marine law experts, the source added.
Mark, from Oban, said he wants to raise awareness of environmental issues in two pieces of marine law due to be debated this summer.
Baalu said on Wednesday the new courses would include a program on maritime law in collaboration with the International Marine Law Institute at Malta, an M.
The site will cover practice areas of particular interest to businesses such as employment law, company law, insolvency plus general areas like conveyancing, personal injury, and wills and probate and specialist areas, for example equine law and marine law.
Both these industries are almost dead, but for more than 100 years Newcastle has also been a centre of excellence for marine insurance and marine law - and these sectors are thriving today.
Latimer is a Coast Guard auxiliary member and said he and other boaters believed the lake needed a safety patrol for all kinds of emergencies, including towing, medical assistance, marine law information and jump-starting a dead battery.
With this in mind, on April 6, 2004, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Driver and Marine Division convened a Curriculum Review Conference of the Advanced Marine Law Enforcement Training Program.
The fact that maritime law will apply throughout any carriage which is under an intermodal bill of lading is a good thing, as we no longer have to guess whether land law or marine law applies, which should ultimately reduce litigation," he said.
The office of air and marine operations (AMO) has been transferred from Immigration and Customs Enforcement to Customs and Border Protection (CBP), a move that demonstrates DHS' intent to integrate air and marine law enforcement personnel, missions and assets.
He and business partner Trevor Lyons, 53, a marine law expert from Staffordshire, have distributed leaflets to fishermen and boat clubs giving the yacht's co-ordinates.
To find out more about the OCS and ACF's marine law reform agenda, visit the ACF Oceans Eleven report on www.
They will play an important role in reinforcing China's marine rights protection, marine law enforcement and supervision, management of its offshore waters and marine disaster relief and reduction," Lin concluded.
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