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a naval officer responsible for the operation and maintenance of the ship's engines

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For example, a marine engineering technician can apply for EngTech registration and corporate membership once he or she has completed the leading engineering technician operational performance standard; similarly a marine engineer officer (senior upper yardman)--general service or marine engineer officer (senior upper yardman)--submarine specialisation can apply for IEng registration and corporate membership once he or she has successfully completed the machinery charge qualification.
At the end of their time onboard, the AMeO will be able to look back with pride at their achievements and accomplishments that they will take with them to their first complement job as deputy marine engineer officer.
To work as a marine engineer, you need a detailed technical knowledge of naval construction, and mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering systems.
Stephen Braham joined the Royal Navy in 1981 and undertook a wide range of roles and responsibilities from Marine Engineer Officer on operations, to Head of Destroyers.
Naval Architect and Marine Engineer firm Elliott Bay Design Group (EBDG) has announced appointment of Marine Engineer David Eubank.
The courses are designed to help ensure that the next generation of marine engineers fully understand the complexities of lubrication for the latest engine designs.
com)-- Marine Engineers aquarium blog has been a success since its inception in early 2010, but the first half of 2012 has shown an increase in growth, as well as, great potential for the future.
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