marine archaeology

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the archeology of underwater sites

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Another aim is to develop a collaborative long-term training programme with the University of Southampton Department of Archaeology and Marine Archaeology Stewardship Trust (MAST) to look at the potentials to study the origins of traditional coastal settlements in Sharjah and the UAE in general.
The marine archaeology and exploration company said it was "highly unlikely" any human remains would be found, given the age and depth of the wreck.
The technical program also offers new topics such as marine archaeology and shale gas developments, as well as developments in wind energy and carbon sequestration.
Another seminar on the marine archaeology and the Indian Ocean will be held on the sidelines of the exhibition at the university s HQ's on March 27th.
Thanks to the careful work of marine archaeology students at Texas A&M University, one of two cannons found on the beach two years ago at Arch Cape on the northern Oregon Coast is looking like a cannon again.
With new techniques and tools for marine archaeology, we can start to look for answers to questions such as: What technological developments enabled the flowering of civilization?
The search for the precious metal will be a combined operation between Spain's Ministry of Defence and its Ministry of Culture, which controls marine archaeology.
Another important aspect is that this project is the first marine archaeology research carried out in Cyprus exclusively by Cypriot institutions," the Department said.
First, excavations off the coast of China itself, an activity chiefly sponsored and controlled by the state: second, shipwreck recovery in the international waters of south-east Asia, often undertaken as a commercial business by private salvage companies; and third, marine archaeology off the tip of Africa, co-ordinated by the university sector.
An expert in marine archaeology, she said she would have to "live with a perception of culpability" for the rest of her life since the accident on August 2 last year at the island's Regga Point.
Some university courses in subjects like marine biology, underwater science and marine archaeology include diver training.
of Waikato, New Zealand) offer a dictionary of people, places, periods, and subjects relating to the Pacific Islands, as well as contemporary topics such as El Nino and marine archaeology.
Nigel Nayling, who is an expert on early ships, will talk about the Newport ship and the marine archaeology of the Severn Estuary.
The author, a dive team specialist, lawyer, police investigator, and instructor of criminal investigation and forensic science, thoroughly establishes the need for effective underwater investigations by illustrating the recovery of underwater evidence in several disciplines, including field and marine archaeology, criminalistics, and forensic science.
In July 1995, THC's marine archaeology team began their annual search for the ship, which they had been looking for since the early 1970s, by surveying potential sites in the bay with sensitive metal-detecting equipment.
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