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a group of street musicians in Mexico

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The Mariachis, who are known for their crowd-pleasing, cross-genre covers and fanciful costumes, will return to warm the crowd up this year once again.
Mexico natives The Mariachis first sprang to fame advertising Doritos products on TV screens across the country.
The Mariachis, who were seen in the Doritos TV advert, are the fun loving guys regularly seen on TV screens across the UK.
When she began to develop a performance about migrant workers, she named her four characters--composites of the many immigrants, documented and not, that she interviewed with the help of an interpreter--after Guthrie's "deportees." And when she premiered Sole Survivors in October '07 in her hometown, her friends' band, Mariachi Buenaventura, performed its own arrangement of the song, along with several Mexican canciones.
A highlight is the inaugural parade, where mariachis, riders and dancers from around the world march down the Fray Antonio Alcalde.
Mariachis, Latin dancing, pinatas and Kathy Schersten's dream to create a Hispanic Center for lives in transition created a high-energy party to kick off the new season.
In the temple, the Mariachis are playing Las Mananitas, a beautiful song that is usually sung to a person on their birthday.
22, thanks to endless radio dedications to Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of musicians, and to a group of visiting mariachis from Honduras, who hitched a ride earlier in the morning.
Before gourmet fare such as lobster medallions in coconut or mango sauce at Anani, guests enjoy cocktails on the terrace while being serenaded by a trio of Mariachis.
A: Not only do mariachis play Mexican folk music, but they also play current, popular music.
Summary: Group will join Major Lazer, All Saints and The Mariachis at the Halloween-themed Fiesta De Los Muertos at the Autism Rocks Arena