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the military governor of a frontier province in medieval Germany

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a German nobleman ranking above a count (corresponding in rank to a British marquess)

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Margrave Strategies CEO Ken Ulman is a former Howard County executive who has helped shape efforts by the University of Maryland to transform College Park into a startup hub boosted by denser development patterns.
"This situation cannot continue," said Cllr Margrave. "Our roads and pavements here in Nuneaton and Bedworth seem to be deteriorating and while I appreciate we've had difficult weather, it's no excuse.
It was founded by Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden as an ironworks manufacturer.
Among the Rothenburg titles is a play 'vonn Annabella, Eines Margraffen tochter von Montferrat' [of Annabella, daughter to a margrave of Montferrat].
The Margrave of Thornbeck has to find a bride, fast.
Synopsis: The Margrave of Thornbeck has to find a bride, fast.
His much more famous six Brandenburg concertos were written for Christian Ludwig, the Margrave of Brandenburg-Schwedt, and he dedicated them to the nobleman in 1721.
"The Denivan Exile" begins with the tired, desperate, and heartbroken survivors of the Acadian coup arriving in the margrave of Deniva.
On a whim, Reacher wanders into Margrave, Georgia, to learn the story of a long-deceased musician called Blind Blake, whom his brother had mentioned to him in a letter.
After portraying Rembrandt in "Nightwatching," scribe-helmer Peter Greenaway continues his exploration of Dutch masters to vivid and theatrical effect in "Goltzius and the Pelican Company." The Lowlands-based auteur here stages the visit of Baroque-era print master Hendrick Goltzius to a margrave's court, where the engraver's troupe re-enacts six erotically charged biblical sins in carnal tableaux vivants.
With the addition of the app, users will be able to play full versions of games including Diner Dash, The Treasures of Montezuma and The Secret of Margrave Manor for free thanks to Exent's ad-supported business model.
The six concertos in the set were written at different times and later meticulously copied by Bach, bound and sent as an offering to Margrave Christian Ludwig of Brandenburg, to whom they were dedicated.
The Margravine (1750-1828) was a scandalous socialite, who as Elizabeth, Lady Craven, had dabbled in theatre as a playwright and performer in the 1770s, before separating from Lord Craven in 1780 and marrying the Margrave on Craven's death in 1791.
That remains a great idea, while a second book has now arrived to underline Peel's wonderful way with words (the first, his autobiography, Margrave Of The Marshes,which was completed by his family, was, as expected, a joy).