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Synonyms for marginalize

relegate to a lower or outer edge, as of specific groups of people


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ISLAMABAD -- Executive Director PAIMAN Alumni Trust, Ms Musarrat Qadeem has said that, 'Putting ban on CSR activities will further marginalize the poor and underprivileged communities.'
The church has indeed tended to discount and marginalize the victims of domestic violence as well as the perpetrator.
Grace Poe saying that her move to reclassify Rappler as social media was meant to 'marginalize' the online news outfit.
Poe, in a statement, said the attempt to 'marginalize' Rappler are both 'misplaced' and 'inconsistent' with the essence of press freedom.
'The move to marginalize Rappler in its coverage of the Palace and to demand the legal authority of the Malacanang Press Corps (MPC) to cover the President are both misplaced and inconsistent with the essence of press freedom and the people's right to be informed of the President's activities and pronouncements,' she said.
How photography, for German artists, has compromised, alienated, even defeated, the so-called traditional practices of painting--not to mention painting's specific genres--is a question this exhibition sometimes alludes to, but mostly marginalizes and ignores.
In chapter 5, "Who Do You Say That I Am?" De La Torre follows Matt 25:40 and considers how Jesus is a woman, gay, black, poor; that is, how Jesus is all of those (the lost, the least, the last) whom the dominant culture marginalizes. The last two chapters draw attention to the public witness of the Christian community on behalf of and in solidarity with the marginalized, drawing on biblical texts and images to help readers be more Christlike.