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the social process of becoming or being made marginal (especially as a group within the larger society)

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Head of MFA classified the Marginalization Forces as those live in Darfur, South Kordofan, Central, East, Far North, Dams affected people in Kajbar, and those oppressively sacked from civil service and others.
In December, 2010, a young Tunisian vendor named Mohamed Bouazizi set himself alight in a suicide protest over unemployment and marginalization, spreading revolt across the Arab world.
Emerald Studies in Alternativity and Marginalization
With a dismissive wave of the hand, the Edo State APC chairman, Mr Anslem Ojezua explained that the assault was not a result of the perceived marginalization of the area by Obaseki.
The missing youths are victims of political marginalization and exclusion, the statement said.
BEIRUT: Representatives of leading Christian parties were to meet in Bkirki Monday night to draw up a plan of action to face alleged marginalization of Christians from key civil service posts, the Central News Agency reported.
Marginalization can mainly be classified under three contexts i.e.
Al-Qairaie says the shared history of marginalization between the two groups should make them natural allies.
The holistic approach to feminism I forward is meant to be a contextual way of challenging sexism and marginalization, one that accommodates the fact that we all have different bodies, desires, experiences, and perspectives.
This should be done, not only because of the daily messages from the right-wingers from Europe, but for the fact that the disunion and marginalization of the opposition are detrimental for the entire country.
The articles introduced here are the result of the work of a research team on marginalization and minorities in literature and film at the Faculty of Philology, University of Gdansk, Poland.
Topics include the marginalization of the small peasantry, spatial marginalization in a Cairo suburb, the class politics of the uprising against Mubarak, geographical targeting of poverty in Upper Egypt, marginalization in the context of commercial education, and the progress of disability rights.
Sunni Muslims across Iraq took to the streets again on Friday to protest what they see as the Shia-led government's marginalization of them .
A celebrated Caribbean writer and professor, Dabydeen has tackled issues ranging from slavery to Shakespeare, always with an unapologetic eye to the marginalization of black culture.
(1) As a result of this growing interest, the Canadian Marginalization Index (CAN-Marg) was developed from existing area-based research and theory linking neighbourhood marginalization with poor health.