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the property of being marginal or on the fringes

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"Anger" -- this high-status emotion so closely associated with ritual speech -- lost its rank and was superseded by the Christian concept of "humility" -- an "emotional posture of subordination and marginality," which -- nevertheless -- "permitted a kind of clever, cunning autonomy outside the watchful eye of authority" (p.
It ought be noted that some ten years earlier, in 1977, Irving Howe suggested a more extreme iteration of marginality. A subculture, said Howe, finds its voice and its passion precisely at that moment in which it approaches disintegration.
In our earlier publications we found that the relationship between marginality and turnout steadily strengthened between the 1964 and 1979 elections.
Christopher Kleinhenz distinguishes a different topos of marginality in the recurring presentation of the young girl on the brink of love or matrimony in Italian poetry; his survey of several lesser-known popular poems illustrates the poetic resonance of the tension between youthful desire and authority.
Just as Wolff asks for a more nuanced inquiry into whether marginality automatically results in "cognitive advantages," she also insists on paying more attention to just who is actually claiming "outsider" status and under what circumstances: "As for outsiders, intellectuals or otherwise, it may well be the case that dislocation makes a different understanding possible.
Phillip Brian Harper's Framing the Margins: The Social Logic of Postmodern Culture interrogates this shared sense of marginality that characterizes postmodern literature and culture from the perspective of what he terms "minority literature." Beginning with the basic premise that a notion of decentered subjectivity defines postmodern literature, Harper explores the representation of psychic decenteredness in the literature produced by socially marginalized groups which precedes, and in some sense prefigures, postmodernist writing.
The book concludes with a construction of marginality as a multiple process as opposed to a location.
are often paradoxically Gothic plots that end with the containment of the Gothic as the site of subversion and literary marginality" (p 8).
The over-arching theme of the book is that of marginality in all its aspects: cultural, geographical, social and economic.
That image - of black marginality and white privilege - will be replayed in many contexts throughout this study visit organized by the Equity Initiative, a fellowship program committed to addressing health inequities in Southeast Asia.
In Aguilar's words, marginalization can be 'insidious enough to generate feelings of marginality.'
He examines the development of neoliberal ideas; debates about the nature of poverty, class, and inequality in the UK; social and psychological impacts on poverty and inequality through the concepts of advanced marginality and stigma; the welfare and penal systems during the period of neoliberalism; contemporary social work practice in an era when equality has increased and deepened; and a model of a social state based on ideas of equality, mutuality, and reciprocity.
The terms 'peripherality' and 'marginality' are frequently encountered in the studies on the polarization of space and they are often used as synonyms.
Reasons for Marginality' at the ninth Karachi Literature Festival on Sunday.