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Representa con fidelidad, en cada una de sus entradas, los temas y autores que ocuparon la atencion y la intencion de su dueno a la hora de leer y escribir; incluye un analisis del modus legendi de Jorge Luis Borges, su sistema de notas y el grado de insercion que estas tienen en su obra y repone, ademas, las lecturas ausentes, es decir, aquellas obras confrontadas con el texto y evocadas en la marginalia a traves de un dialogo inter-textual representado en cadenas asociativas, producto de un ejercicio de lectura simultanea.
Not surprisingly, some of the other marginalia in the volume are humorous--revealing that some of Twain's choicest bits remain private and unpublished.
His marginalia, with their abbreviated Latin and frequent Nota symbols, suggest a certain economy in the reading and recording process.
In this respect, Charles Darwin's marginalia, notes and manuscripts serve as a representative corpus" (12).
For example, in "How Andrew Melville Read His George Buchanan," Mason examines the extent to which Melville employed George Buchanan's Rerum Seotiearum Historia in his understanding of Scottish geography into Topographia based on marginalia of an original copy of the Buchanan's work in Melville's possession.
The little red-covered copy of this out-of-print publication is still on my bookshelves--underlined and filled with marginalia.
The language is an easy and enjoyable pastiche of Austen's, and the story is quite faithfully condensed from the original, but its special delight lies in the illustrations, Elizabeth's whimsical marginalia and wry visual commentary on her world.
Like the queer-centric Modern Family, this bingeworthy series struck a chord with everyone, proving that the idea of queerness--and its related themes of diversity, marginalia and transgression--appeals to all of us.
Many have own annotations and marginalia in them, and are our most valuable books.
He has spent a couple of decades assembling documents and decoding handwritten marginalia and letters that contain valuable information but were written in a difficult-to-read old German handwriting.
(2013) 'The Renaissance uses of a medieval Seneca: murder, stoicism, and gender in the marginalia of Glasgow Hunter 297', Studies in Scottish Literature 39 (1), pp.
Throughout the text, marginalia highlight the importance of certain points by serving as a glossary or by offering further discussion about three case studies that appear in the first chapter and are germane to the issues raised throughout the volume.
drafts, early years unglossed by marginalia. Now, let's
Remember how we set the marginalia on fire, a rhetoric of trees