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Synonyms for erosion

Synonyms for erosion

(geology) the mechanical process of wearing or grinding something down (as by particles washing over it)

condition in which the earth's surface is worn away by the action of water and wind

a gradual decline of something

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Although so-called marginal erosions of joints (the radiographic hallmark of RA) appear as negative spaces in the juxta-articular bone, they actually represent the presence of radiolucent pannus directly invading into bone.
Additionally, similar to RA, PsA causes marginal erosions giving a "mouse ear" appearance in the interphalangeal joints.
6) Multiple marginal erosions and decreased joint space are seen at several metacarpal-phalangeal joints.
More aggressive-appearing marginal erosions with overhanging edges are also expected in gout and pseudogout, whereas synovial metastasis does not usually result in a destructive or degenerative pattern in the subchondral bone.