margin of profit

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the ratio gross profits divided by net sales

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As the margin of profit from the sale of plain gold pieces is small compared with diamond jewellery, campaigns going on with very good response.
THY was one of a few airliners reaching a 10 percent margin of profit during the global financial crisis," he said.
Dealers will only be taxed on the margin of profit they make on sales after July 1.
The holding firm said the banking business was favorable as the Bank of Japan's rate hikes in February and July last year helped improve its margin of profit and its profit from sales of investment trusts grew steadily.
"This [agreement] will give us an advantage in the marketplace of being able to offer a superior product at a very competitive price, and maintain an excellent margin of profit," said Whistler president Holly Roseberry.
University of San Francisco economist Harmut Fischer notes that the high cost of bringing Caspian oil to market via pipeline--$10 a barrel, versus just $4 for Saudi oil--leaves little margin of profit for Central Asian governments.
I wondered, though, why he didn't build a margin of profit into his formula.
"In a case of supreme irony, not to say perversity, the more evidence accumulated by science on the ravaging effects of tobacco, the more lucrative the business has become, and the wider the margin of profit," he writes.
MKB: The Dealer's margin of profit has declined drastically from 7.5 per cent in 1963 to 0.8 per cent at present, while there has been steep rise in operating cost of Petrol Pumps over the past many years.
"It's very disconcerting for a small business when so much tax stands in your way," he says, adding that when government gets its cut, it leaves a very little margin of profit.