margin of error

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the margin required in order to insure safety

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Garner had testified that the measurements underlying his determination involved a certain margin of error -- specifically, he admitted that although the measurements he took with his rotary laser might have a margin of error of a quarter of an inch each over long distances (i.
For results based on the sample of 8,009 adults with some college education, the maximum margin of error is 1 percentage point.
For example, to compute the margin of error with a 95% confidence level, on a data set with 11 items, where the average or mean is 7.
The margin of error concept is also gradually making its way into the professional economics literature (see Borenstein and Rose 1994; Brezis 1995) and into business/economics statistics textbooks as well (e.
He pointed out that cases analyzed scientifically have shown a margin of error of up to 43% in their diagnosis, and that some patients have been cured after being unconscious for years.
The USDA didn't release state-by-state hunger data until 1999, compiling three years of figures into one overall percentage for each state to reduce the margin of error.
Whether one is looking to implement a fully-integrated accounting system, eliminate the margin of error in warehousing, increase customer loyalty or streamline and automate one's human resource and employee benefits administration process, BDO Business Technology Solutions Inc.
Gigerenzer finds that many people don't realize that nothing is concrete--there is always some margin of error.
Thousands of students can't afford to wait until August to find out if they are the victims of a margin of error.
As it turns out the polls were generally accurate, since the race was usually well within the margin of error, but most of the reporting failed to communicate the margin of error or its real meaning--a margin of error of plus or minus three points does not mean a spread of three or less indicates a tie.
Some of the details of the survey are reported, such as the number of completed interviews and the margin of error for questions asked of all respondents.
The Texas Congressman is also within the +/- 3 percent margin of error of fellow GOP contenders Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney who garnered 44 and 42 percent against the President respectively.
While this may seem like a large increase at first blush - 50 percent to be exact - statistically, it won't make as large a difference in our margin of error as one might expect.
In Florida, however, Obama's advantage is within the margin of error, (http://msnbcmedia.
But the ONS sparked incredulity last night after admitting the figures were subject to a huge margin of error - sparking business warnings about the impact on regional economic decisions and confidence.