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small spotted wildcat found from Texas to Brazil

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Spatial patterns of the margay (Leopardus wiedii; Felidae, Carnivora) at "El Cielo" Biosphere Reserve, Tamaulipas, Mexico.
Diet of margay, Leopardus wiedii, and jaguarundi, Puma yagouaroundi, (Carnivora: Felidae) in Atlantic Rainforest, Brazil.
Diet of margay Leoparduswiedii and jaguarundi Pumayagouaroundi (Carnivora: Felidae) in Atlantic rainforest Brazil.
The President of Tosa Maidan Save Front, Mohammad Maqbool Margay told ANI, "We are very thankful to army for the step taken.
A margay, one of the most beautiful and mysterious of South American cats, is at her feet.
I've eaten mountain lion and margay, a rain forest cat served to me by Quichua Indians in the Amazon.
Another concept accessory called the Margay Helmet Bag aims to give its wearer some biker chic allure.
A major draw is the represented five wildcat species found in the Central American country: jaguar, puma, ocelot, margay and jacuarundi.
Wild populations of the Americas also include the ocelot, bobcat, lynx, margay, pampas cat, mountain cat, tiger cat, jaguarundi, and Geoffrey's cat.
GreenSmart's lunch bag collection includes three styles: 'old school' Margay, the more progressive Javan, and the hip Sifaka; each offers all the benefits of Neogreene, fully closing compartments, and details varying to meet a range of needs.
Los subgeneros considerados fueron: subgenero Leopardus o verdaderos ocelotes (descrita por Gray, 1842) con una especie -Leopardus pardalis- y nueve subespecies; subgenero Margay (descrito por Gray, 1869), con dos especies Margay tigrina y Margay glaucula con tres y dos subespecies, respectivamente; subgenero Oncilla (descrito por Thomas y redescrito por Allen) con tres especies, Oncilla pardinoides con cinco subespecies, Oncilla causencis y Oncilla guttula con dos subespecies; subgenero Noctifelis (Severtzow, 1858) con una especie, Noctifelis guigna; subgenero Oncifelis (Severtzow, 1858) con tres especies Oncifelis geoffroyi, O.
One consideration that would seem to confirm the idea of Bartlebooth's "pseudo-blindness" is that although the topos of blindness is associated with that of a sordid or inferior life--the underworld (the basement, the boiler room) or the various monsters of the animal and human kind (Lino Margay)--there are two significant exceptions: the rather conventional instance of the blind piano tuner in chapter 78, and the more extravagant case of the woodworms that created the fabulous network of galleries in Emilio Grifalconi's antique table in chapter 27.