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a spread made chiefly from vegetable oils and used as a substitute for butter

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I keep hearing that butter is bad for me, but I've read that margarine is bad too.
Effect of Acylglycerol Composition on the Microstructural and Functional Properties of Bakery Fats and Margarines. Ph.D Thesis, Ghent University, Belgium.
* Look for margarines with less than 2 grams of saturated fat per serving.
Does butter beat margarine? It depends on the margarine.
LOT 2: Halva with Cocoa (2442 kg); Simple Halva (1680 kg); LOT 3: spreadable margarines (10,169 kg); Lot 5: Mineral water (39,255 liters); The minimum value of the range is the value untill 31.12.2015 (depending on the value of this procedure that will develop and evaluate tenders), and the maximum value represents the aggregate value includes additional value cf.
RPC Superfos has helped to create a sleek updated pack for Norwegian company Mills DA, designed to maintain and increase customer interest and loyalty in its margarine brands.
(6,19) The present study aimed to identify and quantify fatty acids and the amounts of TFA and product compliance with regulations, as well as the total contents of moisture, ash, and lipids in the major Brazilian brands of margarines and vegetable creams marketed in Brazil.
The patients consumed, on average, nearly 19 grams of margarine per day, which resulted in additional intakes of 226 mg of EPA combined with 150 mg of DHA, 1.9 grams of ALA, or both, in the active-treatment groups.
They were randomly assigned use of one of four margarines on bread instead of their regular spread -- one containing no extra omega-3 fatty acids; one with 400 milligrams a day of extra eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA); one with 2 grams of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA); and one with a combination of EPA-DHA and ALA.
(ADPnews) - Jun 8, 2010 - Belgian food group VanA-deA-moorA-teA-le said today it has agreed to buy the margarine and fat-based activities of Dutch Van Dijk Food ProA-ducts.
Belgian food group VanA'A-deA'A-moorA'A-teA'A-le announced today an agreement to acquire the margarine and frying fats activities of Dutch Van Dijk Food ProA'A-ducts, without providing financial details.
The law change will not only have an effect on how Unilever is marketing its new product in the province, but also on its operations for all of its margarines.
Objective: To assess the implications of new recommendations for essential fatty acids, vitamin D and vitamin E on the classification of margarines and vegetable oils as 'extras' in the current Australian Guide to Healthy Eating.
On the downside margarines have added flavourings and colourings and some margarines contain hydronated oils that are considered to be harmful, but there are many that do not so read the food label to identify the good ones.