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a spread made chiefly from vegetable oils and used as a substitute for butter

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Stick margarine is higher in saturated fats in order to make the product solid at room temperature, like butter.
It turned out that one of the Armenian companies has for many years been buying cheap margarine abroad and was supplying the army under the guise of expensive butter.
Stick margarines were high in artery-clogging trans fat when the study began.
Margarine and spreads are two entirely different products with different ingredients and manufacturing processes.
Procurement Procedure Consists in the Acquisition of - Food: Lot 1 - Eggs, Lot 2 - Refined (Halva with Cacao, Halva Simple, Refined Sunflower Oil) Lot 3 - Margarine (Margarine Spreadable Margarine Package) Lot 4 - Rice, Lot 5 - Soft Drinks (Mineral Water, Juice Neacidulat).
First, organogels must be tested to determine if they are suitable for incorporation into margarine.
Make the filling by creaming together the sugar and margarine.
And if we're honest, margarine doesn't taste like butter; it has the unsettling and insidious taste of an imitative product.
If so, no wonder Douglas the little Lurpak man had taken to the trombone to offset his isolation and lack of suitable margarine marriage material.
Republican Dale Kooyenga goes on to point out that serving oleo in the lockups would save money, because butter costs three times more than margarine.
Whisk 75g margarine and the caster sugar for a minute until light and creamy.
Beat the margarine and icing sugar together until light and fluffy.
For this double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicenter trial, Dutch researchers randomly assigned 4837 patients, 60-80 years of age (78% men), who had had a myocardial infarction and were receiving antihypertensive, antithrombotic and lipid-modifying therapy to receive for 40 months one of four trial margarines: a margarine supplemented with a combination of EPA and DHA (with a targeted additional daily intake of 400 mg of EPA/DHA), a margarine supplemented with ALA (with a targeted additional daily intake of 2 grams of ALA), a margarine supplemented with EPA/DHA and ALA or a placebo margarine.
Belgian food group VanA'A-deA'A-moorA'A-teA'A-le announced today an agreement to acquire the margarine and frying fats activities of Dutch Van Dijk Food ProA'A-ducts, without providing financial details.
ADPnews) - Jun 8, 2010 - Belgian food group VanA-deA-moorA-teA-le said today it has agreed to buy the margarine and fat-based activities of Dutch Van Dijk Food ProA-ducts.