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(our sea) the Mediterranean to the ancient Romans

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He said: "Can we really qualify the ending of Mare Nostrum and its replacement by Triton in all knowledge of the consequences this would have, as a mistake?
La cualidad de Mare nostrum es la dinamica y la variedad de sus cuadros, con imagenes provocadoras y eclecticas.
Mr Murphy, from Dalewood Croft, had booked the all-inclusive week's holiday to the Mare Nostrum Hotel.
The Newcastle-born swimmer, currently on a sports scholarship in Florida, will compete in the 2015 Mare Nostrum Series as she continues her preparations for this summer's World Championships.
It was a disastrous mistake to stop Mare Nostrum under which, Brussels funded mainly Italian naval patrols who found and rescued thousands of migrants from North Africa who were dying on unscrupulous traffickers' boats.
He did, however, welcome the tripling of funding which he said "has been beefed up to 220 million euros" -- precisely the extent of the Mare Nostrum budget.
The EP calls for "a robust and permanent humanitarian European rescue operation, which, like Mare Nostrum, would operate on the high seas and to which all member states would contribute financially and with equipment and assets.
In November, Italy shut down its Mare Nostrum marine rescue project, which began after an October 2013 disaster in which 350 people died at sea.
The Italian Mare Nostrum marine rescue programme, created after more than 350 people drowned off Lampedusa in October 2013, rescued 130,000 people last year.
Rights groups including Amnesty International are calling for the restoration of an Italian navy search-and-rescue operation known as Mare Nostrum which was suspended at the end of last year.
The rights group accused Europe of "turning its back on its responsibilities and clearly threatening thousands of lives" by forcing Italy to abandon its Mare Nostrum rescue mission last year in favour of the surveillance patrols currently being carried out by its borders agency Frontex.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-February 24, 2015-Banco Mare Nostrum employs enterprise analytics
It partially replaced Italy's Mare Nostrum mission, which was phased out because Italy said it could not afford the mission on its own and
The EU's Triton operation took over Italy's Mare Nostrum operation last year, but it only patrols close to Europe's coast.
With Mare Nostrum it would have been possible to get these people somewhere warm and dry and get some food into them quickly," Flavio di Giacomo, a spokesman for the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), said.