mare clausum

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(closed sea) a navigable body of water under the jurisdiction of a single nation

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There is another long sequence in the film that begins as canonical Wiseman: in a private meeting, two lobbyists jolly a committee chair into designing a law that seems designed to create a kind of mare clausum for their clients, a private economic lake in the landscape of public policy.
Selden had proudly presented his great study, Mare Clausum, to Charles I, but there was never any doubt that after the outbreak of the Civil War in 1642 that he would align himself with the Parliamentary side.
Paul Christianson has now provided us with a systematic and comprehensive exposition of Selden's legal, political, and historical thought between the appearance of Jani Anglorum (1610) and the publication of Mare Clausum (1635), his last work of constitutional history.
English and Dutch writers formulated the language of interest in politics, though their positions might be diametrically opposed, as when John Selden opposed Grotius's Mare liberum with an argument on behalf of Mare clausum.
Drawing upon Mare Clausum (163 5) as "the best example Selden gave of what his theories meant," Cromartie interprets Selden as strongly tied to contract as the binding force in state formation (p.