mare clausum

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(closed sea) a navigable body of water under the jurisdiction of a single nation

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1584-1654), devoted several chapters of Mare Clausum (1635) 'to
jurists advocating a mare clausum before the time of James I, see
1613); John Selden, Mare Clausum (1635); Serafin de Freitas, De iusto
En suma, se puede decir que ninguna de las dos doctrinas (Mare Liberum o de los mares inclusivos y Mare Clausum o de los mares exclusivos) prevalecio en detrimento de la otra.
Por ello se considera que la principal innovacion de la Convencion del Mar, en el escenario de friccion entre las dos doctrinas antes expuestas (Mare Liberum y Mare Clausum), fue precisamente el concepto <<revolucionario>> de patrimonio comun de la humanidad (30), que es completamente diferente a los dos regimenes antes conocidos (tesis seldiana del Mare Clausum y la version moderna del Mare Liberum grociano).
In Mare Clausum Selden deployed the full weight of his scholarship to counter the claims made by Grotius for freedom of the seas on the basis of natural law.
In An Abridgement of All Sea-Lawes (1613), supported British fishing rights and mare clausum by answering Grotius's arguments, and was the only response to Mare Liberum to which Grotius himself replied.
88) They therefore appealed to mare clausum against the invasive claims of the English, just as the English would against the Dutch with the revision and publication of Selden's Mare Clausum in 1635 and (in Marchamont Nedham's English translation) 1652.
English and Dutch writers formulated the language of interest in politics, though their positions might be diametrically opposed, as when John Selden opposed Grotius's Mare liberum with an argument on behalf of Mare clausum.
Drawing upon Mare Clausum (163 5) as "the best example Selden gave of what his theories meant," Cromartie interprets Selden as strongly tied to contract as the binding force in state formation (p.