mare's nest

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a confused multitude of things

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Inside the sanatorium the earth was such a black mare's nest I drew a blank, but then the sun/moon burned.
A low-density community, with only 6 to 10 suites per floor, residents are sure to be spared from the mare's nest that's quite common in highly populated developments.
Sir Frank Ewart Smith's role as chairman of the Ministry of Supply's Scientific Advisory Council is well described in The Mare's Nest by David Irving (Archive, PE January).
"The Business of Forgetting: Postwar Living Memorials and the Post-Traumatic Suburb in Chang-rae Lee's Alqft."The signal virtue of "The Business of Forgetting" is the essay's refusal to allow a mare's nest of "authorial identification" and "oeuvre over-determination" to forestall her capacious and original analyses.
Writing in Time magazine last week, Baer says the agency "knows next to nothing about the Syrian opposition, which is a mare's nest of secular and religious groups." He adds: "It should also be remembered that the CIA has had a long, unhappy history playing Syrian politics.
To answer those questions Kiely (bravely!) plunges into the mare's nest of the early Franciscan legenda to attempt a correlation between what those texts said and how artists interpreted them.
Icelandic Journals, (1911) London: Mare's Nest Publishing, 1996.