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almond paste and egg whites


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MARCHPANE TART INGREDIENTS 350g ground almonds 3tbsp rose water 175g icing sugar 4 wafers of rice paper For the glaze: Grated rind of 1/2 lemon 1tbsp rosewater, 1tbsp icing sugar 1tbsp rice flour Candied peel for decoration METHOD Place the ground almonds in a food processor and process until it forms a smooth paste.
The marchpane is now ready to be moulded or rolled into decorative shapes.
Once moulded into shapes it can be baked in a preheated oven (170degC) for 30 minutes until the marchpane becomes quite firm and once cooled it can be decorated.
The 65-traded Marchpane outpointed 175 chance Copperwood, who was matched at 1.
She loved sweet things and her greedy eyes would have spotted the marchpane chessboard with its squares in white and gold leaf presented by the royal cook who always knew at Christmas which side his bread was buttered.
It is nice to imagine that the Queen might have invited Shakespeare towards midnight to taste a slice of marchpane interrupting him with a messenger as he worked with the players at the end of the Great Hall in last minute rehearsals.
Servants were laying silver platters heaped with meats of all kinds: venison, a great baron of beef, geese and capons swimming in their own fat, raised pies and pasties, custards and tarts and gilded marchpane, tall confections of spun sugar.
Professionals or members of craft guilds gave tokens of their occupations, with an apothecary bestowing a pot of ginger and orange flowers; a stationer, books; an Italian glover, perfumed gloves; and the sergeant of the pastry and the master cooks, pies and marchpanes.
In both chapters, we find good coverage of new `sallets' (salads) in market and private gardens, and recipes for gilded marchpanes, kissing comfits and marigold tarts among other dishes.
He has got into our tiring-house amongst us, And ta'en a strict survey of all our properties: Our statues and our images of gods, Our planets and our constellations, Our giants, monsters, furies, beasts, and bugbears, Our helmets, shields, and vizors, hairs, and beards, Our pasteboard marchpanes, and our wooden pies.