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Synonyms for marchioness

the wife or widow of a marquis

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a noblewoman ranking below a duchess and above a countess


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He saw his friend knifed to death when he was just 14, he lost the "love of his life" when she perished in the 1989 Marchioness boat disaster, another girlfriend died in a car crash, and he came home one day to find his dad dead after a heart attack.
1989 -- The Thames pleasure cruiser Marchioness was hit by a dredger and 51 people at a party on the boat were killed.
Leon Trotsky was murdered by a Soviet agent in Mexico; 1968: Czechoslovakia was invaded by Soviet troops; 1989: Fifty-one people drowned when the Thames pleasure boat, The Marchioness, sunk after being rammed by a barge.
FAMILIES of victims of the Marchioness riverboat tragedy are demanding a full investigation into claims organs were secretly stripped from bodies of the drowned.
The Marchioness of Tavistock is right to point to the greed that has entered and is rapidly permeating the horseracing industry.
THE mother of a teenager killed in the Marchioness diasaster more than 10 years ago has spoken of her heartache of being unable to hold an Irish wake for her.
JOHN Prescott has announced an inquiry into the Marchioness disaster which, you may need reminding, was the incident 10 years ago in which a Thames party boat collided with a dredger and 51 people died.
The WRVS was set up in 1938 by Stella Isaacs, Marchioness of Reading, to help civilians and the organisation played a key role in the evacuation of civilians from Blitz-hit cities during World War II.
05pm In 1989, 23-year-old Jonathan Phang, right, decided to celebrate his best friend and business partner Antonio Vasconcellos' birthday by organising a party for him on the Marchioness.
His father was the skipper of the Marchioness pleasure boat, which collided with a dredger in the Thames in 1989.
A plaque to commemorate the opening was unveiled by the Marchioness of Douro, chairman of the Guinness Trust Group, and Paula Ridley, chairman of Liverpool HAT.
Bereaved families and survivors reacted with fury last night to news that a captain involving in the 1989 Marchioness riverboat tragedy is to keep his British master's certificate.
Housekeeper Angela Rodrigues, 67, regularly took cash and cheques from the Marchioness of Bute, stepmother of Scots motor racing ace Johnny Dumfries.