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Synonyms for marcher

an inhabitant of a border district

walks with regular or stately step

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The X-Force security team said, 'Carefully matching each bank's look and feel, Marcher adapts its fake overlay screens to the organisations it targets.
Moreover, as an imperial officer in the novella, Marcher could presumably have involved himself in a tiger hunt as an imperialist assuredly; otherwise how and where could he draw a "definite lesson from that"?
SPEECH Obama speaks on bridge where marchers, below, were attacked in 1965
Some of the marchers are old, many are tired, others are using walking canes," the man said asking the crowd to wait.
It was unclear whether the Buddhist monks who clashed with the marchers acted on their own or under orders from above.
Mr Roberts's statement continued, 'The Lord Marcher was therefore acting reasonably and responsibly and on more favourable terms than many landowners.
As a 20-year-old, Mr Shiels was on a government work scheme in London when the marchers approached the capital.
Pro-government rallies in several Iranian cities drew thousands of marchers on Wednesday, following six days of rare unrest that took the country's leaders off guard, Reuters reported.
Holding the party flags and chanting slogans, the marchers were actively participating in the show of power, who would assemble in front of the Parliament House, wherein the JI leadership and others politicians would address them.
Holding banners inscribed with anti-FCR slogans, the marchers chanted slogans in favour of Fata-KP merger.
Led by the town's formidable MP, Ellen Wilkinson and kept in step by a "mouth organ band", the marchers were cheered off from Jarrow as they began their sometimes rain-lashed 291-mile journey.
He said that Ada Plot would be the last destination of the hundreds of thousands of marchers and PTI chief Imran Khan will address the marchers there.
Dr Perry plans to explain why the march is still so important 80 years on, what people can learn from a deeper knowledge of the historic event and from the stories of the marchers themselves.
Geronimo, in a phone interview, said the weakened marchers wanted to continue but we prevented them for their own safety.