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Synonyms for marcher

an inhabitant of a border district

walks with regular or stately step

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A government official put the number of marchers at up to 3,000.
It was unclear whether the Buddhist monks who clashed with the marchers acted on their own or under orders from above.
Despite the bitterly cold weather, the Lord Marcher arrived without coat or hat.
Mr Roberts's statement continued, 'The Lord Marcher was therefore acting reasonably and responsibly and on more favourable terms than many landowners.'
Speaking in 2008, he said: "Places which had never heard of Jarrow certainly got to know of the town's troubles after the marchers passed through."
Tension arose during the march when a local Kadamay leader, Pat Tupaz, shouted at the marchers when they passed the village of Mapulang Lupa here.
As Lord Marcher of Trelleck he sought charges of PS45,000 from residents of Peterstone in South Wales for access to pathways and verges.
The X-Force security team said, 'Carefully matching each bank's look and feel, Marcher adapts its fake overlay screens to the organisations it targets.
But "there are many gaps in the story," the editors accentuate, which indicates James's "reluctance to make his ideas concrete"; for instance, he never elaborates upon the beast or "the original source of Marcher's obsession.
SALUTE A statue of a marcher stands in front of a photograph of the famous walk to justice in a civil rights museum in Hayneville, Alabama
FOLLOWING the recent death of last Jarrow marcher Con Shiels, I am reminded of my father and his friend walking from Manchester to London in 1933 to find work.
In the final 10 minutes, we start to see marchers who are wealthier than average: people who are seven, even eight feet tall.
Young Israeli marchers waving flags and singing songs started gathering outside the Old City from mid-afternoon.
MOTHER Nature yesterday ignored the old expression "Don't rain on my parade" as a downpour sent marchers indoors.
Hundreds of supporters gathered to join dozens of marchers, who from October 1 have been travelling on foot from the North East to London, where a rally was held at Temple and in Trafalgar Square.