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Synonyms for March

Synonyms for March

to walk with long steps, especially in a vigorous manner


to travel about or journey on foot

to go forward, especially toward a conclusion

the line or area separating geopolitical units

Synonyms for March

a procession of people walking together

district consisting of the area on either side of a border or boundary of a country or an area

a degree granted for the successful completion of advanced study of architecture

force to march

Related Words

walk fast, with regular or measured steps

march in protest

walk ostentatiously

Related Words

cause to march or go at a marching pace

Related Words

lie adjacent to another or share a boundary

References in classic literature ?
The Chief of the Whimsies now marched his false-headed forces into the tunnel.
All that day the serjeant and the young soldier marched together; and the former, who was an arch fellow, told the latter many entertaining stories of his campaigns, though in reality he had never made any; for he was but lately come into the service, and had, by his own dexterity, so well ingratiated himself with his officers, that he had promoted himself to a halberd; chiefly indeed by his merit in recruiting, in which he was most excellently well skilled.
No man in the British army which has marched away, not the great Duke himself, could be more cool or collected in the presence of doubts and difficulties, than the indomitable little aide-de-camp's wife.
The regiment marched until it had joined its fellows.
There was an occasional tempest, and once Jo marched home, declaring she couldn't bear it longer, but Aunt March always cleared up quickly, and sent for her to come back again with such urgency that she could not refuse, for in her heart she rather liked the peppery old lady.
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