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a hairdo characterized by deep regular waves that are made by a heated curling iron

make a marcel in a woman's hair

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I feel joy that I am not only a fan for her, but also a person with a name and story," said Marcel for Dobre Noviny.
We are very thankful for Governor Ricketts, Congressman Fortenberry, Senator Fischer, the International Monetary Fund, the State Department officials and the many other people who have played a vital role in the liberation of our father, said Percy Pika, a son of Marcel Pika.
Marcel Fridman and Bart Zimmermann represented the all parties in this transaction.
Marcel was appealing against a decision made by Lord Mulholland at the Court of Session in Edinburgh earlier this year.
Simultaneously, she continues to work on what would become the acclaimed P22 Marcel font, immortalizing the man and his letters that waited almost seventy years to be reunited with his family.
Before I got dumped the first time, I thought Gabby and Marcel were going to win," he says.
A night in the hideaway is pretty much synonymous with sex so it's no surprise the islanders were all keen for the juicy details when Marcel and Gabby emerged looking happy and refreshed the next morning.
com/tvshows/the-originals/episode-5-season-4/i-hear-you-knocking/555498/) synopsis on TVGuide reveals that both Klaus and Marcel will experience the symptoms of a malevolent haunting after being marked by The Hollow's magic.
But those after-class sessions at St Margaret's, in Aigburth, gave him the bug and with his dad Paul, mum Avril and uncle Barry all former bodybuilders, it wasn't long before 24-year-old Marcel was on his way to far bigger things.
With Marcel Cluny, we have found the ideal sales channel," said Luca Pozzuoli, who is in charge of emerging markets as well as vice president of market development at PartyLite.
A sheer puzzlement in the unfolding of contemporary Philippine art is the constant inclusion of Marcel Antonio in the roster of Filipino Expressionists, often lassoed in the company of the same generation, the likes of Manny Garibay, Elmer Borlongan and Jeho Bitancor, all heirs to the Expressionism of Ang Kiukok and Onib Olmedo.
Among them, French philosopher, playwright, and musician Gabriel Honore Marcel (1889-1973) is concerned with the environment created by means of communication to and from each person within the human encounter.
El filosofo frances Gabriel Marcel (Paris, 1889-1973) es considerado uno de los representantes del existencialismo cristiano.
In the midst of these competing "isms," Gabriel Marcel set out on his own search for questions and answers.
After being blacklisted in Lebanon by Syrian revolutionists , it seems that Marcel Khalife thought it best to take his show on the road and see if things might be go better in the West.