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a hairdo characterized by deep regular waves that are made by a heated curling iron

make a marcel in a woman's hair

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Obviously Peter's quality shone through but it shows you the level Marcel is at," said Smith.
All the while Atzeni was storming up the outside on 33-1 Marcel to put trainer Peter Chapple-Hyam back in the big time.
In the play, Edith creates a spiritual and imaginary world in order to communicate with Marcel through her songs, each of which turns into a prayer.
Marcel brings broad engineering and commissioning experience to his new role in San Diego and will be responsible for providing hands-on project management, as well as technical direction and guidance, for both Southern California regional and national projects.
At Deutsche Bank, Marcel is a member of the Global Markets Executive Committee and Global Head of Fixed Income and Economics Research.
Marcel enters the mystery of being and discovers it to be achieved primarily through a complex of factors associated with Presence and Intersubjectivity.
Marcel Fridman represented all parties involved in this transaction.
Marcel called Davina to tell her that Elijah thinks she has the weapon and it is dangerous for her because anyone who wants to kill an Original will come after her.
I don't know how Marcel knew he was from Clydebank but I saw it in the newspaper and spoke to the reporter who said Marcel was looking for the family of David Davidson White.
In the midst of these competing "isms," Gabriel Marcel set out on his own search for questions and answers.
After being blacklisted in Lebanon by Syrian revolutionists , it seems that Marcel Khalife thought it best to take his show on the road and see if things might be go better in the West.
Marcel Gray said he was even branded a paedophile because he wanted black players in the all-white under-sevens team.
As the new International Business Director for Cambridge Engineered Solutions (CES) +1 410 901 2660, Marcel Kloesmeijer has already begun prioritizing his goals, bringing his skills and talents to CES operations.
Creative development in Marcel Proust's A la recherche du temps perdu.
Gerlan Marcel is art directing a side pony like it's her job.